Fsxme new metar in the mission

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i have Fsx, and the addon Acceleration ! If you want to add a new metar for the meteo, without to create a new station, then it's possible. The syntaxe is not easy for to understand (look the sdk). But, look my syntaxe with the FSXME, by custom Action. I start at LFML (Marseille/Provence). You must to have "NIL" !!!! the end of the syntaxe is the temperature at the altitude. Look well the extensions with "&". You can to test ths syntaxe in your mission.

SimVar METAR NIL GLOB " 31808KT&D0LG 31107KT&A1502LG 31803KT&A2569NG 0402&B0&D379 7CB009&CB001FLMR000L 4CI109&CI001FNMN000T 14/12 Q1010 @@@ 50 12 311 7 | 85 08 318 3 | 120 01 318 3 | 140 -03 318 3 | 180 -05 318 3 | 220 -015 318 3 |"

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Where do you add those lines? The mission xml does not provide the option to change weather within missions.
Hi Folks

Thorsten -
I think roddy's using a custom action
calling FSXME's SimVar.exe to inject the metar.

Roddy, Old subject, I realize, but problem with Winds Aloft persist. I tried your code, but SimVar will NOT process. "NIL" produces error...removed "NIL" and SimVar processes, BUT Winds Aloft do NOT change.

Anyone find a solution to this problem? Thanks for any help.