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FSXA FsxXml is really working?

FsxKml is really working?

Work this tool indeed?, making an island , I just put two bgl file in the scenery folder, and nothing, as I had done nothing, someone has do something with this tool lately. this have happened three, four times, no way to get this work. and yes I had read tutorials, I have the tool prefsxKml which fix the vertices problem. inconstant tool :confused:
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It does work but making an island I must admit is something of a little art. There is a precise way to do it otherwise it won't show up. Unfortunately I seem to forget every time (I work on this only a couple of times in the year). It should be put clearly in the Wiki.

In fact I have an island pending and haven't had the time to figure it out again.
I must say that almost give up, but I "think" I resolve the mistery, to make an island you must do as follow:
make a exclude water just the size of the sorroundig island sea.
Add new water, in my case I add hydropolygon generic ocean perennial, much more bigger that the exclude.
add the polygonhole with the contour of the island.
Add the landclass at your choice.(copying the polyhole above)

Build the bgl., load the scenery, you will see (maybe and problably) that don't worked, then you back to fsxkml again, and....(here is the touch) reverse the vertices of "hydropolygon generic ocean perennial", that's all. here is the secret .
to add lanclass you must make the polygon and copy this, one for exlude the earlier landclass and the second to add the new landclass.
If you make more tha one island at once, if somenoe not work reverse his vertices, and will appear.
You must think of FsxKml as a tool which don't work at 100%, and at first attempt, but with these tricks you can do great things, and became a very usefull tool.
hoping this help in anyway. :D am I smart or not?
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