Fuel Readout in Pounds in Font

Hey guys,

I have been trying like crazy to get my wing tanks to show up in pounds. For some reason I am missing something.

I have tried so many variations that I am crosseyed and feel like that kid Neo in Matrix..

Could someone mercifully enlighten me on this.

I realise I must take gallons and multiply them by 6.8 since FS doesnt seem to want to do the left and right main wingtanks in gallons or gallon or pounds per gallon. I also tried * 6.8 and 6.8 * at the end of the (( )) grouping. That didnt do it either, but showed me the easy way of putting in additional font verbage, lol..

I would be ever greatful.



Resource contributor

Did you try something like:

<Value>(A:FUEL TANK LEFT MAIN QUANTITY,gallons) 6.8 *</Value>

or, in a <Text> token:

<String>%((A:FUEL TANK LEFT MAIN QUANTITY,gallons) 6.8 *)%!f!</String>

If it didn't work, just assure yourself that tanks' configuration you want is properly defined in aircraft.cfg. You can check how it is recognized by loading your aircraft and checking fuel conf via the menu :)

Now why did that work?

I tried that very equation perhaps 200 times yesterday afternoon deep into the night... It would only show 6.8 * on the display, or zero... or one..


Its now jumping wildly in values. Tom, might there be a way so slow down the refresh rate on individual readouts such as this? or perhaps I should specify just 4 digits. (I think I can try that. Going to give it a test now).

I got it....!


I replaced your !f! with !4d! and its working....

I know why it didnt work now adn why it read only a single digit... I had all my strings yesterday written with !d! instead of !4d!... Cant believe I was that close. Some long, stressful hours..

As Joel Osteen says.. Sometimes a stumbling block makes us stronger...