Future feature for ADE: Library objects distributed along a path?

Firstly, thanks Jon for a super program that just keeps getting better! I've been a happy user for several years now.

I've had an idea for a future feature (I can't see any other threads about it, but I do apologise if it's been suggested before).

It's basically about distributing objects on a path or line, as you can do in many graphic design programs. I'm currently putting in 100-meter distance/edge markers on dirt runways, and was thinking that it would be lovely if you could just go to an "objects on a path" tool, draw a line, and then choose the library object that you wanted, the quantity, and the object heading, and then they would appear at equidistant intervals along that path.

I suppose this could also be useful for other things, like lines of powerpoles, lines of trees (perhaps with a random object heading), lines of ramp lights, and various other objects that I can't think of right now.

Do you think that such a feature be possible with an economical level of programming effort?




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David, while its not integrated with ADE, FenceBuilder PRO, available at modest cost from FS Addon, simMarket and other fine retailers, has a very sophisticated object placement capability including placing multiple objects in a line at equal intervals. In fact, will place multiple lines of objects at once and, if you want a more random appearance, it will add some "jitter".

But, I agree with you, this would also be very useful in ADE for placing custom runway and taxiway edge light - among other things.



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Both lines of objects and area fill with objects exist in my, old LOM tool and I hope to include them in ADE.

However Don's tool is very good ;-)

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Thanks Jon and Don for your replies.

Don, I had considered FBPro a couple of years ago, but after looking again yesterday, based on your reply, I realised just what it can do. There are some great-looking features, particularly having fences follow terrain.

When I have a little unallocated money (after consultation with my better half!), I think I'll put it next on the list to buy.