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P3D v3 G1000 cockpit

hi, as I am thinking about starting to develop My first ever Aircraft I just want to now if it is possible to make G1000 to the VC or ist that really really hard?

Thanks, Noel


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It’s quite easy to model the casing and knobs. Programming it to replicate G1000 functions and display? That’s hard, really hard.


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Not quite so hard as a G1000, since the PFD is a continuous display of the flight instrumentation. With cunning you could almost build one without a heap of coding, but adding navigational info makes it a coding job. The Garmin would be a serious project by itself, never mind the aircraft and VC modelling, etc.


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There are tutorials on modelling, tutorials on mapping and tutorials on texturing. There’s none I know of on flight modelling, setting up the cfg files, getting your project into the sim or effects other than the SDK documentation, but this forum is full of people asking questions on all these subjects and sharing answers.

It’s too big a subject for one overall tutorial, so where did you want to start and what can you already do?
I see, Well there is the thing at the moment i am just trying to think about a aircraft that I would like to spend some time to model on, so that might take som time, but the thing i that i am new to fs developing so I don’t now anything.
Think long & hard about which aircraft you want to model as it will take up a considerable amount of your time! Also do some research, try & find a good 3-view aircraft plan image (top or bottom, side & front view), detailed photos (these will come in handy when trying to model a particular part) & technical data (dimensions & performance).

Good luck.


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The first step to making your own aircraft for MSFS is getting acquainted with a modeling tool. Blender is the best choice since it has a MSFS export plugin, is free and works on Windows 10.
Once you have a basic model there, you can focus on getting it into MSFS.
Its one step at a time. Today, you make a wing. Tomorrow, you cut out the aileron and make the opening sections and walls and curved interiors. 3 days later is the flap. When you get the wing done, you map it (all the parts), then clone it to make the opposite wing.

One part at a time, one gauge at a time. If you have help, that really helps out tons. If you re-use stock gauges, that helps. If you have a gauge builder work with you, that massively helps. If you get permission to use someones gauge, that works great.

One day at a time, one part at a time. Tons of helping souls here to answer questions, and tons of tutorials on YouTube.

What program were you going to build it in? You need a 3D program (Gmax, 3ds Max, or Blender, etc). You need a painting program, like Gimp or Photoshop. You need an SDK (converter files, etc) for converting your work to model's for FS to use.


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TIP-1: Download my "Blender2FSX Getting started Guide" over here:
This guide is aimed at beginners and intended to get you quickly up-and-running with Blender (itself) and the Blender2FSX toolkit
In the appedix you will find lots of links to a lot of (other) Blender related articles, tutorials and fee downloadable e-books
- http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/resources/blender2fsx-toolkit-getting-started-guide.191/

TIP-2: Start here with the famous Krispy1001 "Blender2FSX toolkit"video tutorial series on Youtube
These videos are a "must read/watch" to get you started with basics of blender modeling AND the B2FSX toolkit
- https://www.youtube.com/user/kpgamemods/videos?flow=grid&sort=da&view=0

TIP-3: Download my video transcript from Krispy1001 Blender2 FSX tutorial videos over here:
These video-transcripts can act like a kind on an subject index and can assist you to quickly find back a certain issue in all videos
- http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/resources/blender2fsx-krispy1001-tutorial-video-transcripts.192/

TIP-4: Take a look to my own YF16-Prototype WIP thread over here:
Here i'll share my personal experiences with very 1st Blender project - building the YF16 Prototype
- http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/wip-general-dynamics-“yf-16-prototype”-project.440049/

Wishing you Happy Blending and looking forward to your first Work In Progress screenshots Noel.
maybe a dumb question but how do I do the "smooth and round" form of a plane in blender? because in Krispy1001's tutorial the plane he models is really edgy.
how do I make the model more like this? like how do I make the modeling for like a cockpit if you understand? so not the whole plane. just the cockpit section.