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I'd make a thick disc, just at the thickness of one blade. Texturing it with a radial blur of one blade texture proved working acceptable for me. You might try it out!

Edit: looking at your blog shows that you have a thick disc already, so forget about that;) Nice progress by the way!
for some reason "hasreflectivemap" doesn't stay clicked... now that's a mistery

dreaded prop discs... sorry about the shadows, wrong sdk :p
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Looking really good.
Is it a payware or freeware?
Your work is impressive.
I would like to turn from scenery guy to airplane guy but the working or XML gauge is beyond my capability.
not as good as that phenom bro! textures are done by gustavo la cruz of venesim he detailed them a lot, then some alpha and a some specular (on gmax)


thats awesomr and yes i have a few repaints for some to do in the future

like this...found it in the "Guide to airport airplanes"-william and frank berk