G2K4 an SBuilder

Hi !

Seems it`s time for me to become crazy ones again with scenery design :banghead:

Normaly i use G2K4 for my projects (using now v5.04) so I >tried< to make some airport polys roads etc to tune up my airport a little bit. But in FS now nothing shows up, except VTP airport poly and the exclusion works. No line no normal vtp`s no nothing ! Ok, now tried SBuilder ........ same thing nothing appears in FS9 .............. :confused: So I reinstalled now the complete FS9, because I´m now working a half year on this project and could be that i forgott a exclude or something else in a folder i can´t remeber anymore but guess the result .......... NOTHING changed !
If you don't keep backups, there is high possibility that you are screwed, but if you have backups, it is not a problem, try with backup version, and simply start from that point forward, if something doesn't work afterwards. Also, be sure to double-check all your steps you did that led to this state, and as a last resort, try it on someone else's computer.I had similar problems more than oce, and since then, i keep daily backups in separate folders.

P.S. did you set excludes in proper folder structure, maybe it is higher in priority, and deletes all your scenery too...
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Hi Marijo,

Are you sure you do not have an VTP exclude active for the layer you are using to draw your roads?
Hi Danijel and Arno !

Thx for the fast replys ! I´ve removed complete FS9 and installed again to make sure no other exclude (one i´ve maybe forgotten) is overwriting my new work. The new exclude bgl is starting with "0_xxx" so i think this should not be the problem.