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MSFS Gain access to core files

I have the Windows Store version and as you know the core files are installed in the WindowsApps folder that you normally don't have access to. I've been trying to access the core JavaScript files under base-ui (coherent.js etc) in order to learn how the html panels work but haven't been able to get any further than being able to see them in explorer. I can't open any of them and I've even tried booting in Linux. Turns out they are residing in an encrypted format under the MSIXVC folder and the files one can see is symbolic links rather than the actual files.

Have anyone been able to find a way to go around this issue? As I understand it people with the Steam version doesn't have this problem, so I can't understand why they have complicated things as much with the store version.
Why? Security, both DRM and hackers with malicious intent. Sadly, it's a general thing we're going to deal with going forward.

You can, however, install the Store version outside of the WinApps folder. But that doesn't change what you noted with many of the files, i.e. the Deluxe and Premium content and other things like the propdefs.
But how come those files aren't as protected with the Steam version? Or have I got that wrong? Watched a YouTube video that showed how to use a template html panel and that guy just dragged the JS folder into his VS project, no access issue. I certainly understand the need for the security measures you mention, but it seems a bit like locking your front door and leaving all the windows opened.

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The files in the Steam directory are accessible, the stuff like the Propdefs and Premium and Deluxe content are not. As I said earlier, you did not have to install your Store version in the WinApps directory, which inherently encrypts files and controls access to the directories. I explained earlier why they do that. MSFS is not the only app installed there, and I'm pretty sure the purpose us inherently they're trying to protect our systems from hacking better.

I am no expert at this so I don't understand all the ins and outs. But I do know that, after having originally installed in WinApps, but the first update screwed up my install and I had to reinstall, and the second time I chose not to install in WinApps, I have better access to the files, and, more importantly, can write to directories.
I'm not sure I follow. When I installed MSFS I got to choose the destination folder so I put it on a dedicated SSD (F:\MSFS). However, it still created a WindowsApps folder and some other ones on F: and the files I'm talking about was installed there. So I'm curious to know how you manage to control where it should install the things that ended up under WindowsApps?

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Ok, I get it what you're saying. Yes, those files are protected on Steam as well as far as I know. I believe with the first release they weren't, but then they were with the next. I know the propdefs directory was originally available on Steam, but somebody said it no longer is. All the files that you're talking about are encrypted and as far as I know will stay encrypted, as it is propietary data. The Premium and Deluxe content was developed by other vendors, not Asobo, and are therefore protected per copyright, just like Orbx protects their data. As far as I know, we currently do not know who created the Premium and Deluxe content. And I believe there are some other files Asobo is protecting.
I don't know if I should share this here, but I actually found a way to sort of access those JS files I was talking about!

I'm trying to find a way to modify the window for the undocked MCDU display in order to get the whole MCDU in there with interactive buttons and all. During that work I installed the DevTools Backend (https://github.com/dga711/devtools-backend-refurb) and to my surprise some of the javascript files showed up among the sources in Chrome and I could just download them.


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Steam still shows the propdefs. D:\Programs\Steam\steamapps\common\MicrosoftFlightSimulator\Packages\fs-base-propdefs\