FSX Gate markings not flat on ground

I have the gate markings library objects that work pretty good. I add them to my kind, but when approaching the gate they are sticking up about 6". They're still on the ground but not flat on the ground. I have other airports that have them with no problems. The altitude is set to 0. Can't figure out what the problem is.


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Looks like that area may not be perfectly flat. Try adding another flatten polygon, or exclude the default one and add your own?
I put a flatten around the terminal, but the gate markings still stick up a few inches. Other airports I've used the at work fine. Any other ideas that might work?


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They're still on the ground but not flat on the ground
Do you mean they are sloping, bumpy, ???.

If the former, perhaps you've inadvertently applied a small bank or pitch value to their placement. Do you have another version of this airport in your add-on scenery or perhaps an old elevation stub in SWS. Is this airport at the top of your scenery library? If not, what happens when you place it there? A screenshot or posting your ad4 file would give us a better understanding of your situation.