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Gates won't move


Im currently creating gates for fs2004 with cat and actigate. I used to have them working but cant seem to get them moving now. Please find the code attached for a B737 and B747 animations.

Could someone please try and compile these and see if they work?

Thanks you,



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Hi Terry,

You mean they do not work after tweaking I assume? Did you try the animations before tweaking to be sure that is all OK?

I had a look at the files, but I do not see any evidence of running CAT on them, also the _0.ASM file does not look complete to me.
Hi Arno,

Those are the files before using CAT. I used cat on them but i cannot seem to get them to move.The gate just appears static. I have the animations working perfect in gmax,then i exported each animation seperately using fs2004 gamepack (keeping files), then ran cat and includeded the two animations and them compiled the bgl.I also have actiate.dll installed in fs modules but nothing moves??


Which variable did you use for the trigger in CAT?
I used a huge bounding box (just to make sure it would work) then the nav1 frequency to 112.00 (1200h) then set the conditions for actigate
And with none of them it works? That is weird.

You used the ActiGate aircraft type to select between the two animations? In that case be sure that you are actually using one of these types, else the animation will also not work.
Yes i used the atigate aircraft type and am selecting the correct aircraft. I'll keep trying..
If you can show me the tweaked code I can take a look and see if there are weird things in there.

I took a look at the code and that seems fine to me. You are having a bounding box as animation condition, the frequency as trigger and select a different animation based on the aircraft type.

I would check in ActiGate if the aircraft you are using does not show up as not recognised. If the type does not match, the gate will remain static.

Else it might also be worth a try to first do only one animation, so without the type dependency. Then you know the trigger and bounding box work fine.