Gauge Visibility Switch Question

Hey guys,

Now that I am coming to terms with gauge code, there is something that I have always wanted to know if I could do.

Can I make a switch that would cause parts on my plane to disappear?

For instance, if I wanted the following to be turned off or on;
* Onboard Cargo
* Co-Pilot
* Passenger 1
* Passenger 2
* Wheel Chauks
* Turbine Inlet Cover/Pitot Flags

Very curious. My first thoughts are that I must name the parts a 'common' name that code is preprogrammed to know, so I may have a problem. But I'll wait and see what the ansere is.



Resource contributor
Sure you can. You must use the same local vars in your XML control gauge and in modeldef XML parts control.



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With all the discussion that's taken place at FFDS, as well as the dedicated "Working XML Code..." forum, I can't believe you're asking this question... ;)