Gauges are dark in SkySpirit 777


Just downloaded Chris Evans' 777 from the previous FSX posky to P3DV4. However night textures are completely dark. I am using P3DV4 with GTX1060. The gauges are active and clickable. They are completely visible at day time.
I tried to change MOON_PHASE_LIGHTING to false and it did improve a bit from the photo below but still very very dark. I don't want to use HDR as it make the whole environment look extremely bright. Any suggestions?




Resource contributor
This really isn't a development issue, as much as it is a user experience issue. Gauges are not part of an aircraft model and typically are only included in high end payware, all others using the extremely capable and vastly representative of what a pilot might actually encounter default gauges. It is my guess that that is what you are failing to see, default gauges. This strongly implies a configuration, or installation problem.
Well, this isn't a tech support forum... per se... so, unless you're going to rework the 3D model (might be missing lighting support in it) or rewrite the gauge code (might be missing lighting support in it).... not much more to offer here.