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What is the purpose of the "Discussion Thread" from the Wiki?

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Hi Folks

re:What is the purpose of the "Discussion Thread" from the Wiki?

Bill -
Every Wiki page has a Discussion tab, (aka Wikipedia's Talk pages)
for the purpose of proposing/contesting/agreeing content.

Clicking the tab,
takes you to that specific page's forum thread,
if, and only if, it already exists.

If Wiki page's specific forum thread doesn't already exist,
the Wiki will automatically generate a new forum discussion thread,
and does so in the name of that seeker of further info.

I'm sure we've been here before. :D

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Yes, we have "been here before," and frankly I still think it's pointless.

Has there ever been any discussion here as a result of this "feature?" :stirthepo

At least it's not the worst thing that could happen to a Wiki. Some lame-brain at thought it would be a "Good Idea" to convert the entire Wiki there into a stupid forum format!

I can't even find articles there that I've written, much less how to go in and edit them... :yikes::censored:
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In fact, we've been here before just a few days ago,
when I did the same thing with the Panel and Gauge design category...
:banghead: Is tha trying to give us Cumbria inhabitants a bad name lad.

I just went to see your Panel and Gauge design category discussion thread,
and it generated a new one in my name. :D

Just noticed that the coding for discussion tabs
isn't generating the threads correctly,
specifically the backlink url isn't being encoded.

In this case it's generating a brand-new discussion
every time the tab is clicked.

Raised with Arno.

Bill -
Discussion thread option is worth having,
but we're just not making use of it ATM.

Funnily enough,
I'd been meaning to raise this for some time,
and last night was going to kick off in another thread
regarding the dearth of forum queries to wiki conversions,
but got tied up with debuggering my non-working Win7 speech to text.

We could start with each wiki category
creating a list of topics which require articles,
(possibly including urls to relevant forum threads).

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