FSX:SE GDI+ gauge drawing - gradated alpha transparency

Is it possible to draw a gradated ( or graduated? :scratchch ) alpha transparency for virtual cockpit? I can draw a a transparent (HUD type) gauge no problem, but this consists of only 2 states: transparent or opaque.

I'd like to draw a smooth ramp from, let's say, black to transparent, using GDI+ calls. When I implemented that, I got full transparency for any alpha except full opaque. Same with bitmaps - I used a PNG with smooth transition from black to transparent, and I got full opaque to full transparent.

Let me make this clear: I can do these transitions when drawing onto a bitmap surface that is used as a gauge surface (for instance, a MFD screen). In this case, gauge surface is first cleared with black color. But when clearing with transparent color, as in the transparent gauge type, I only get either full opaque or full transparent.

I toyed with the material settings but so far nothing worked. I'm also wondering if any of the flags in MAKE_STATIC macro are used for this?

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Unfortunately the sim insists on converting VC textures to 16bit which means only 1bit alpha. If you want a translucent HUD for example, your 3D model materials are the determining factor. I would set the blend mode to SrcColor/InvSrcColor. Then setting the alpha of your pens/brushes will blend the elements with a black background, which will reduce their actual RGB values, and then the sim will blend by color to get the final result.
Ah - ok, great, thanks for the info! I'm going to play with it a bit more to see if I can get something out of it...