FSX GE View 2: HttpX 2.0 and EarthProxy 1.2 FSX thru P3D v3



Thank you to Robbie McElrath for the release of HttpX v.2.0 and EarthProxy v.1.2. Thanks also to Jeff Schallenberg and Roman Stoviak for assistance with testing.

HttpX.dll v.2.0 provides full duplex read/write capability of Flight Simulator Variables and Events across the panel set each update cycle via http protocol. It accommodates number and string values from A: (read), C: (read/write), E: (read), L: (read/write), P:Variables (read) and K:Key Events (write). It does not read .MDL exclusive L:Vars. HttpX works with FSX, FSXA, FSX Steam and P3D (through at least v.4.2), but not FS9.

As of April, 2017, HttpX javascript API documentation is ongoing and will be uploaded to the BlackBox website when complete.

Since browsers primarily use http, HttpX enables development of web pages that communicate with Flight Simulator. Applications such as web browser/tablet/smart phone based HTML-JavaScript gauges, MFDs, GPS, and GE View are possible. I also like to mention a related project, WebSimConnect by Marcin Lizer. It’s advanced and broad in scope, and a visit to WebSimConnect.webs.com is worthwhile.

GE View 2: The original application using HttpX.dll was Google Earth (GE) View. With HttpX module 2.0, now 360 degree pan views controlled by a joystick POV (HAT) switch are possible. The screenshot below shows the Google Earth view on take-off at Frankfurt am Main (EDDF) while pushing the joystick HAT switch to the right. The 3D building elevation views are remarkable.



- HttpX.dll version 2.0

- EarthProxy.exe version 1.2: This application launches Google Earth desktop client, reads GE camera angles calculated by the Compound_Rotation gauge, communicates with Flight Simulator and generates the GE KML instructions.

Version 1.2 accommodates a one or two pc configuration. Using two machines, Flight Simulator is run on one pc and EarthProxy/Google Earth is run the other. Both machines must be connected to the same network.


GOOGLE EARTH DESKTOP CLIENT: Google Earth users may recall that Google retired the Google Earth browser plug-in (Earth API) in December, 2015 because browsers were deprecating NPAPI, upon which Earth API was built, owing to internet security concerns. The Earth API plug-in was the foundation of the original GE View application we released a few years ago. EarthProxy, on the other hand, does not utilize the GE browser plug-in, but instead works with the main Google Earth product, Google Earth Desktop Client, which does not have the NPAPI security vulnerabilities. Your web browser need not be open to run EarthProxy.

- Compound_Rotation.xml: A small XML gauge that calculates 3D rotation angles necessary to orient the Google Earth camera while panning. It performs background computations and does not appear on your panel. Compound_Rotation uses Tom Aguilo’s XMLTools module to capture HAT switch (pan view) azimuths needed for the rotations. XMLTools can be freely downloaded here (FSX) or here (P3D). If XMLTools is not installed, GE View will still operate, but without pan view capability - the view will always be forward.

GE View is easy to use. Following the one-time HttpX v.2.0, XMLTools and Compound_Rotation installations, the User can start GE View by double clicking EarthProxy.exe.

Feedback is solicited.



NEW VERSION OF GOOGLE EARTH: Google released a new version ( of Earth on 18 April, 2017. It’s browser based (Chrome only) so no download and install is necessary. Many features of desktop client v.7 were removed although KML support remains, and some new ones were added to make it more informative than before. Google has not yet provided a javascript API, so for the time being, a version of G.E. View for use with Google Earth v.9 isn’t being developed.

As far as I know, there isn’t any word on Google’s plans for Earth Desktop Client (v.7) or Desktop Client Pro (v.7). If Google eventually deprecates Earth Desktop Client, then GE View users should switch to Earth Pro and still use HttpX.dll 2.0 and EarthProxy.exe 1.2. It seems unlikely the Google will deprecate Earth Pro anytime soon as many businesses use that product.

EarthProxy v.1.2 works only with Google Earth Desktop Client. It does not work with Google Earth v.9.

[edit] Revised instructions, attached, include MiniPanel installation option for Compound_Rotation.xml


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Hi Bob
The new version sounds great. I'm running version 1 and that worked great, Installed the newer version but can't get it to work.
I have installed the newer files as per the instructions. Should I uninstall the google earth on my pc and just launch Via Google Chrome could that be the issue?
When I run the GE proxy it launches google earth from space not on the aircraft location


You don't need to run Chrome at all - just FSX and Earth Proxy.

In FSX, make sure the HTTPX gauge is active by selecting VIEWS>Instrument Panel>GEVIEW, which will pop up the blue rectangle with the FSX variables being sent to Google Earth. THEN, start Earth Proxy, and click START and Open KML. That will launch Google Earth and fly it to your FSX position. (Make sure GE's Fly-To Speed is set to around 3.0 to 3.5).

I hope that helps.
Thank you for that got it working:wave:
Do you have install GE view to each aircraft you want to fly in google earth.

Do you have install GE view to each aircraft you want to fly in google earth.
Unfortunately, yes, because I use XMLTools to capture HAT azimuth. That necessitates installation of the Compound_Rotation.xml gauge in each aircraft. HttpX.dll and XMLTools.dll, on the other hand, only need to be installed one time.

We might try playing around with the new Google (v.9) to see if it has sufficient KML support to use with GE View. If it does, then I'll figure out how to use the Gamepad javascript API to get HAT azimuth, thus eliminating Compound_Rotation.xml.

For some reason, I can't make it work :(

Version 1 worked though.

I copied HttpX.dll version 2 on \Modules, and made sure the code was included on my dll.xlm FSX even asked me if I trusted HttpX.dll and I answered yes. But then nothing happen. Google Earth just adds this "Flight Simulator Tracker" bookmark, but nothing happens. Also GE View window just shows a black little window.

I event tried to download the whole thing again and re-installing. Rebooting. You name it. I don't know what else to try.

Thanks in advance
Also GE View window just shows a black little window.
That means that Compound_Rotation.xml did not load. If it does not load, then Google Earth will not fly to the current aircraft location.

My first guess is that your panel.cfg does not know where to find Compound_Rotation.xml. Double check spelling of the folder and file names in this panel.cfg line:

gauge00=GE VIEW!Compound_Rotation, 0, 0, 110, 90

Well, if I remember correctly, the other thread discussed issues with HttpX v.1., not v.2, which is different.

My guess is that HttpX.dll v.2 loaded correctly (did you remove the older HttpX.dll version 1?). In fact, you said the FSX asked if you trusted HttpX - an indication that it loaded correctly the first time.

If you get a black window instead of the GE VIEW display, then the problem is that Compound_Rotation.xml did not load. If it does not load, then efforts to query httpx using a URL will fail.

Would you please copy the GE VIEW window lines from your aircraft's panel config and post it here. I'm talking about these lines:

gauge00=GE VIEW!Compound_Rotation, 0,    0,    110,    90
Even better, send me the panel.cfg lines in a private message so we can take the troubleshooting dialog offline.
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You were right!! What happen was that when I copy - pasted the code inside panel.cfg, some spaces were introduced between characters. I checked line by line and deleted them. Now works like a charm!!

Now the only problem I have is that Google Earth doesn't respond to any change on my hat control. Nothing happens. Only FSX moves the view. I already included the GE View folder inside the airplane's panel folder, with the proper changes on panel.cfg, and the Compound_Rotation.xml inside GE View folder. But I can live with that ;)

Thanks a ton Bob!!
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First, thank's for this effort, I managed to set all setting but after some second I lose synchronization.
If I uncheck Flight Simulator Tracker in GE it positioning to the last position but then it doesn't' move then if I recheck it move slowly but the synchronization is already lost.
I don't know what is wrong.
Any advice?
Thank you
Hi Fabrizio,

Don't uncheck "Flight Simulator Tracker". That's the KML file created by EarthProxy that Google Earth opens.

This is what I use, together with a Fly-To speed of 4 to 4.5:


If you have other questions, why don't you send me a p.m. in this forum so we can do further troubleshooting offline.

Hope it works,

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I assume you installed XMLTools.dll?

Again, you were right!! I indeed already had installed XMLTools.dll by copying it on my Modules folder, and adding its entry on dll.xlm but now I realize I had to run its own installer. So I did that, and now it works with full awesomeness. Excellent work!!
Excellent work!!
Glad it's working! Credit goes to Robbie McElrath who wrote HttpX and EarthProxy. And, to Google, who (cross your fingers) will release the js API for Earth v.9 soon and continue to offer Earth for free. Special thanks again to Jeff Schallenberg for providing a lot of good feedback during testing.


Resource contributor
And, to Google, who (cross your fingers) will release the js API for Earth v.9 soon
They released browser based maps with 3D buildings quite some time ago and still no API, so I have my doubts if we see API for 3D buildings soon;( Anyway, let's hope they will.