FSX GE View 2: HttpX 2.0 and EarthProxy 1.2 FSX thru P3D v3

My buddy finally got httpx & earth proxy working - on a fresh dedicated system.
dll.xml, tools, etc. in the correct pathways, with edits.

Now its a problem with GE looking backwards so we need to find the fix for that.

Then it a case of will FSX & GE work on a DSL 10 meg d/l line because we have time outs.
FSX works fine by itself, but the streaming may be too much without cable ??

His system (quad core) is faster than this old dual core (though my video card is better than his.

OK work on fix for fixing view and pan, then see if I can finally get it working here and/or what we need to have a better experience.

PS My video card will push my 60" tv, so I have hope.
My friend just posted his system he is experimenting with:

Intel quad core i5-4570 3.2 GHz

Asus AMD Radeon HD7870 video card

2 x 4 GB DDR3 memory

BenQ 24" monitor 144 fps refresh rate

newer video card could be faster but this works well in FSX

would faster cable internet connection stop jerky motion?
Asus Z87 motherboard
Hi ... could we please take this discussion into a Conversation rather than here? Much appreciated. Bob
That's a great addon, I really enjoy flying VFRs with GE View 2 connected to the Google Earth Pro desktop app, thank's for making this works all together.

One of the "missing" features - is 360 degree pan camera rotation within Google Earth application. It would be more pleasant to look around, not only straight ahead as it is right now. Would it be possible to integrate at some point?

Currently, if I try to pan around using inbuilt Google Earth Pro functionality it jerks and immediately turns camera back to the straight ahead position ((((

I do can look upside - down, but that's not what I would like to do.

-- Sem
If you have installed the GE View 2 files, then you already have 360 degree pan capability. Take a look at the screenshot in the first post of this thread.

Let's start a private FSDeveloper conversation and I'll walk you through it. Check your inbox in upper right corner of this screen.

I got this great add-on successfully running for P3D v4 and GoogleEarth Pro on the same desktop.
I was wondering if it would be possible, to interface with the Google Earth App on my iPad. I have seen that (on the desktop) when "Open KML File" is seleceted from the Google Earth Proxy, it opens a kml file on Google Earth. The GoogleEarth App however is also capable of opening kml files - at least you can open them manually.
I already changed the kml-file in the NetworkLink section to include the IP of my PC running P3D:
But this did not work. Any other ideas?


Btw: I already checked that from my iPad is working successfully.

We don't see anything wrong with what you did, so maybe NetworkLink only works on desktop Google Earth. Not 100% sure.

According to Robbie, some things online say it should work, but I don't know if it does on the latest version.

That's unfortunate. GE VIEW on an iPad would be very nice.

Hi Bob,
I was thinking a little bit... what is the content of the kml that is returning? I was trying to open this URL in the desktop browser but nothing was returned - although GE View was working (strange). If I use this URL, HTTP error 400 is returned. This might be the problem (localhost and is the same machine). From my basic web server know how, EarthProxy.exe should probably not only mal localhost but also its IP adress accessible.

If I try to open http://localhost:10023/update.kml, the whole thing is working, i.e. a kml-file is returned.

It would be great to have it working on the iPad ;-).

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Let's take this into a private conversation in FSDeveloper. Check your Inbox in the upper right corner.