Generic buildings not showing in ADE and FSX

I am having a strange problem regarding FSX and ADE.
For some reason no generic buildings are showing in FSX on airports where they normally should be. This happens on ANY airport that has generic buildings. If I open such an airport with ADE, the blue rectangle which stands for a generic building is showing. However, if I click on the rectangle in order to show me some information about it, the space where there should be a thumbnail of it remains blank. (as shown in attached screenshot). The generic buildings are missing in ADE as well as in FSX, so the problem seems to be related to both programs (I guess?) A complete re-install of FSX didn't help. FSX and SDK are SP2 of course... I ran out of ideas, so any help would be appreciated.



Check the main ADE folder and see if the "big_thumbnail_pack" is installed, while you're there check the "GenericBuildings" folder and see if the JPG and gnb.1 files are in it too
which version of ADE are you using?
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It's not the big thumbnail pack Ray. That is for Library Objects. It's quite possible that there won't be a thumbnail for a generic building in ADE but that does not mean it will not be compiled The OP screenshot shows that generic buildings (blue rectangles are indeed present. The absence of a thumbnail only means that one was not created and has no bearing on whether it is in the sim or not. Make sure that the image complexity in FSX is set to extremely dense. This will ensure that any generic building present in an airport in FSX will show up. A lower setting will result in some generic buildings not being drawn to save processing power. The screenshot is showing the selected generic building set to Very Dense. It the sim is operating on Normal then this one won't be showing up.
Alrighty then!... Thank you both for your fast reply. Much appreciated. IN FACT something that Jon wrote made me check something in FSX. As dumb as I was (for whatever reason) I set the automatic generated density (think it's called like this...) to "low" inside FSX. So because of that there was no way the generic buildings would show in any case which kinda makes sense. Set it to "maximum" and checked. On two airports on which I tried before, the generic buildings are now showing just the way they should. So, little mistake, big problem and solved easy as it could be. Turns out that re-installing FSX wasn't necessary what so ever... So that'll be a long night for me to get everything up and running again...

Thanks again!