Geo Lock Solved?


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I have this in another Forum wrote too. It is in German.

Now i want to write in English.

I wrote a Tutorial in German Language:

GMax und unser erstes Haus (GMax and our first House)

This Tutorial descript to build an House with Day and Night Texture.
It is for Beginners of GMax.

Okay, I have wrote this Tutorial in the equal time where I build this House in GMax.
After I finished my Tutorial - I finished the Building in GMax.
I compile the xml and set the bgl into my Scenery.
As i was in FS - i look around the Scenery - ooh damned, where is my House. I don't see them nowhere in my Scenerie.
By Good - there was going a little bit wrong.
I start EZ-Scenery and look where my bgl is.
I found my bgl in EZ - they have found the place in the locked Objects.

I start my GMax and take a look what I have done.
Now, I found the Point there was going false.
As I set the Pivot-Point aligned to the Object I press the button too for aligned with the World.
And this was my fault.

I have this work doing back. I set only the Pivot to aligned with the object. Export the Gmax and edit the xml with the same Coordinates of the first xml - compile it and set this new bgl in my Scenery.
I start my FS - and ooooopppppsssss there was my House at the right place in the Scenery.

I start the EZ-Program and whooow the House was in another place as in the locked Library. I have now set my House without Problems in the Scenery.

Okay, take A look of the Following Picture, This is my Tutorial-House.

With Day and in the next Picture with Night Ambiente.

It look not very nice but I think for an beginner tutorial good enough.

Now, Arno what do you think over this Phänomen???
Is it another way to blow up the Geo-Lock-Problem.

Have a Nice Time and ATG and HL.
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Humm, interesting. I would have to check this. But where is that pivot option in GMax, I don't think I ever needed it.

Also, have you tried to place the same house at the other side of the world as well with just a LibraryObject command calling the same GUID from a different XML file. That would be the only test to see if it is really no longer geo-locked.


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Okay, Arno,

we had a call over Skype.

I think I have make an Error. I set the wrong bgl to Washington DC.

I will put the fault-bgl later to Washington DC and will her post the result.

Sorry, please for my Error. I was so dither to speak with you that I have make the Error and set the wrong bgl to Washington. :)


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I can reproduce this phenomenon.

I have build a box in GMax and set the Pivot Points Aligned To the World.
I compiled two bgl - set one in Germany and the other in USA.
The Box that I set in Germany is in USA geo-locked. And the Box in USA is in Germany geo-locked.

The Picture is from Germany in the background - you see the box for the German Area (Geolocked is the name) - and in the EZ-Window is the Box from USA (Geolocked1 is the name).


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Thanks for checking, I think we are talking about the same problem now.

I did also check that align option for the pivot point and it does not seem to have any effect on the actual MDL file generated. So I don't think it has any influence on the geo-locking.