GeoimageProcessor Water and Blend Mask Automation Tool

Kelvin Richardson

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As the title says. Shell tool - Automation of water and blendmasks for FSX and Prepar3d.

EDIT: I've edited the download link to point to the resource section of FSDeveloper site so I only have to update the thread once, i'm creating more work for myself by adding a separate thread. See the resource link above to download and find out about updates.

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Hi Kelvin:

I just tried to download, and got this message: :oops:

"The file you are trying to download is no longer available.

This could be due to the following reasons:

* The file has been removed because of a ToS/AUP violation.

* Invalid URL - the link you are trying to access does not exist

* The file has been deleted by the user"

Thanks for your ongoing efforts with this brilliant innovation, and I look forward to testing its 'latest build' when available. :)

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Hi Kelvin:

That one is downloading, and I will check on it in a few minutes. ;)

Thanks ! :)

UPDATE: Download is completed and the files appear intact within the extracted folder chain.

I will take a look at this as time permits over the coming week. :wave:

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Kelvin Richardson

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I have one addition to the Readme file but I will post here then release in another version with better instructions.

There are also helpful tips in the appsettings.json configuration file which you will use to change configuration settings.

The shapefiles folder will contain your shapefile for the water type you want to process.

in the appsettings.json file you will name the shapefile the same as the shapefile is named but do not include the extension because my tool already knows the file extension.

There is an option reversepolygon.. which is used by GDAL utility to reverse detect the polygon if the mask results in reversed colours so this just inverts the polygon and reads the opposite area in the polygon to use as the water area. Hope that makes sense.

I need to add some better error handling but if you get an index is outside the bounds of the array, this means the folders which should contain the files to process, do not have source data so you need to ensure the AeraEarthInf**.txt files are in that folder and the source images for the Resample tool.

If you are processing TIF files and not the FSET BMP images then you only need the TIF file with the embedded geolocation information.

Hope this helps, you can post back here with issues or feedback if you have any so others can have the same knowledge :)

Hi Kelvin:

I just noticed that the "sample shapefiles" referred to in the README.txt file are currently not in:


...or anywhere else within the GeoImageProcessorv3.0 ZIP linked above.

Is there another ZIP of that "sample shapefiles" file set which you could link to ? :scratchch

Thanks again. :)


Kelvin Richardson

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Hi Gary,

Sorry again. I thought I had removed that section because the extra files would increase the program size and I was trying to reduce the size. The sample shape files was an idea to give an example but since I do not provide the aerial source imagery they provide little use because this is only one part of the puzzle, you need the aerial imagery foe the shape files to be process so I decided to not include them.

However, if you think this would be useful to have, let me know and I can look at including some example shape files for each water type so you can view in QGIS or Global Mapper, to see how the shape files are made up. I could probably provide a separate zip file containing examples.

For the sea for my country I had to use QGIS to make an extent of the land shape file and run the difference function against the land and extent shape files to get the sea area for the bounds of the coordinates for New Zealand as I couldnt find a sea shapefile that would suit. In some cases GIS work maybe needed if you don't have data. This is out of the scope of my tool but I can try to assist where needed on any queries about shape file manipulation as I have spent many, many hours on this.

Kelvin Richardson

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New version is available!!

This version has a few more tweaks and optimizations to the code. The tool now purely runs in a shell window so it can remain running in the background. Simplified the appsettings.json file removing some options which are now redundant.

Download from link in first post.

Kelvin Richardson

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You're welcome,

There was nothing out there for masking large areas or even automating it, it's such a manual process so I decided to develop this tool. So hopefully now people can develop large areas as there should be very little or no effort required to mask as long as shapefile data is available.
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