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Get polygons elevated easily?

Hi, I am using FS98 with Scasm and want to know if there is an easy way to get polygons simply elevated. No mountains, just the polygon itself.


If you give polygons a Y coordinate that specifies their elevation, so that way you can make a polygon at a certain altitude. Is that what you mean?

If you give polygons a Y coordinate that specifies their elevation, so that way you can make a polygon at a certain altitude. Is that what you mean?

Thanks Arno, sounds good! Could you please give an example for the Y coordinate, where it is placed?

It is hard to give a sample, it can be in different places. Most like there is a list called Points or VecPoints with the vertices to use in the poylgons. That's where the positions are defined.
Is it possible to get elevationpoints in here? My guess are the 0 and 1200 entries, but just a guess (not from my Scasm).

Points( 0
-2495 0 -2508 ; 0
-2495 0 2519 ; 1
2505 0 2519 ; 2
2505 0 -2508 ; 3
-2495 1200 -2508 ; 4
-2495 1200 2519 ; 5
2505 1200 2519 ; 6
2505 1200 -2508 ; 7

It is the second coordinate, that is either 0 or 1200 in your example that sets the elevation. So if you change that you can get your polygons at a different elevation.
Thanks GaryGB, I have got the Scasm documentation already, but for some points I need a better explanation. They are too abstract for me.

Thanks Arno, the elevation works fine. The only problem is: the polygons get bleeding-effects
and they are floating, they don't stay at one position. We need it for an elevated airport-platform.

I guess they are drawn inside a LayerCall then now, that is for ground polygons. If they are floating now they need to be in a PerspectiveCall command instead.
Can you help me with that? I don't know, there is already a layer call in there,
looks like it is set to 1 (see copy of my Scasm).
I don't get which is the best layer to set out of the Scasm-instruction, it needs to be lower than 24 because of the runways. There is 28 for mountains (which would be too high in my opinion).
Where should I set the PerspectiveCall? And what have I to enter there?

; LatRange( N47:51:34.30 N48:06:29.94 )
; ----------------------------------------
; ----------------------------------------
; Object # 1, offset: 0x000A size: 128 bytes (0x0080)
;; Lat: 0005162DDh Lon: 00748012Dh
; ----------------------------------------
Area( B N47:59:42.45 E010:14:21.42 40 )
LayerCall( :L000020 1 )
Jump( : )
RefPoint( rel :L000088 1.00 N47:59:42.45 E010:14:21.42
V1= 0 V2= 0 )
Bitmap( CONCRETE.R8 0 0 0 0 )
Smoothing( 1 )
Points( 1
-14 50 45 ; 1
163 50 -20 ; 2
-147 50 -25 ; 3
StartSurface ; use only for polygons flat on the ground
MoveToPt( 1 ) ; use for line drawing only
DrawToPt( 2 ) ; use for line drawing only
DrawToPt( 3 ) ; use for line drawing only
Smoothing( 0 )

You would replace this line:

LayerCall( :L000020 1 )


PerspectiveCall( :L000020 )

But this will mean your polygon will display on top of the runway. You can't have a polygon that is not on the ground layered with the runway.
But how it comes there are several sceneries that have runways with elevated ground/polygons? Are the runways in extra-BGLs? As far as I know layers work over specific BGL.
I think then the runway won't be the default runway command, but a custom made one. But it is a long time ago I made scenery for FS98, so my memory might be a bit blurry.