"Ghost" AI Aircraft?

Greetings! My first post to the forum....hope it's appropriate. What causes a "ghost" AI aircraft in FSX? (Photo attached). Now, the AI aircraft "appears" to be a TFS either A332 or A333......not sure. Other A332 and A333 airlines show with the proper paint schemes so I'm guessing that this particular model (airline) paint has an error(?). I've gone through all the texture files and yes, there are both .bmp and .dds textures being used. What else can I look at to correct this problem?
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airplane ghost.JPG
Thank you for your response. The aircraft shadows are off. This "ghosting" only appears on a a couple of aircraft. I'm beginning to think that maybe one of the texture files for that aircraft, either the T or the L file is corrupt. But without seeing the actual aircraft (paint) I don't know which aircraft it is!! Kinda frustrating...:(. Most cases I can figure out the model but I have hecka texture files for many of the aircraft. Would have to go through each one in DXTbmp to see if it's "kosher.' A real chore, imho....


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If you install the Traffic Toolbox SDK, you can use the Explorer to double click each AI aircraft in the list and it will take you to the plane in FS. That way you can figure out which one it is.
Crazy, but as long as I have been using FSX, I never knew re the Traffic Explorer progie. SDK was installed but apparently the wrong version so it never appeared on the Menu Toolbar!! After finding the the correct version, I finally installed it and voila! Tools is now on the menu toolbar! It DOES help to identify the aircraft that have issues but trying to correct the issue(s) is another problem. Have tried both .bmp and .dds files for the infringing aircraft but the problem still exists. OH, well...guess I'll just have to keep trying but thank you for the Traffic Explorer info!!