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P3D v5 Ghost forest on large photoscenery

Hi everyone,

I use P3D V5.3 HF2, CPU i7 9700, RTX 3060TI, SSD.

Title may be a bit confusing, but I tried to find a similar problem on the web, with no success.

I want to implement photoscenery on the south part of Quebec province in Canada. Very large area. I use SBuilderX to download tiles of 100 km x 50 km, at LOD14. Each BGL file is around 900 MB, which includes 4 seasons, night and blend/water mask.

I then use QGIS to process OSM landuse shapefiles for each area. And next, I use ScenProc to produce the Autogen files. I also do this process for buildings and other features.

When checking my scenery at different airports, I noticed that at CSF7 Casselmann, there is a large forest going through the runway, the plane facing from north. I also realized that those trees are not material. I can go trough them without crashing. (I did a test on other autogen, and crash occurred...) And, when I run through these trees, they disappear when looking on each side or backward. After more verification, I know that this problem occurs elsewhere. I have to mention that the Autogen process produce around 2,500 files for each photo tile.

In ScenProc (I have the latest dev version v3.1.0.0 re87ce1b0 DEV 2022-03-20)), I tried different approach to process the forests. Polygons directly from the shapefile, ReplacePolygonByVegetationRectangles, and PolygonToPoint, at different level of precision. I tried to download the shapefile a second time, same problem.

I also went in Annotator to see if trees are created at this location, but they do not exit there.

Another annoying event is that large areas of forest (which may or may not real) appear and disappear depending on the direction of the flight...

As another test, I did a photoscenery only for the CSF7 airport with autogen trees for this local area. No problem there.

I want to mention that I do photoscenery and autogen on a regular basis. First time I do it on this scale, and that this problem occurs.

So, I suspect that the size of my photoscenery may be the cause, but I cannot confirm. Also, if I a have to reduce the size, what is the maximum that I can process.

Before I provide more information, is there anyone who have or had this problem, and how it can be solved?

Thanks in advance

Hi Richard,

This kind of weird effects sometimes show when AGN files contain content outside of their tiles. Could it be some of the AGN files have not be split correctly to the terrain LOD grid?
Hi Arno!
Thanks for replying.
I will go back to the shape file and make sure that the polygons are correctly clipped!
Good point!
Hi Arno, and everyone,

First, I want to thank Arno for its useful tools (and they are many). I also want to thank all the contributors who are posting questions and solutions to most of the problems that I encountered in my personal projects. Usually, I find answer to my many questions. I am not naming anyone, and I would not want to miss any.

OK, I was able to solve my problem by dividing my landuse shapefile in 4 equal parts. Next, I did distinct processes for forest and building autogen. Finally, I used the Autogen Merge Tool found in ScenProc to merge all the an.agn files in one folder.

Now, I have to learn how to do Batch Processing to speed up my work.

Note: Arno, is it possible to select more than one folder in the Autogen Merge Tool? It is very annoying when you have to go deep in the File Manager...

Also, I still have the problem of autogen appearing and disappearing in large blocks under the aircraft, when I fly low. After some research on many forums, I saw that the issue is not present when you fly over 5,000 feet. But, since I like to fly VFR under 3,000 feet, no luck for me. So, I still shoot my question to anyone who may have found a solution to this problem.


Note: Arno, is it possible to select more than one folder in the Autogen Merge Tool? It is very annoying when you have to go deep in the File Manager...

You should be able to specify multiple folders to merge from, but the target folder is only one. Or do you mean something else?
When I mean more then on folder, I mean simultaneously… presently I have to do the whole process of adding each folder, unless I give the wrong command.

thank you in advance.
Hi Arno! I am not at my computer, but I am wandering if I can drag and drop files from File Manager to the Autogen Merge Tool.
I will try tonight…
No, that's not supported. You also select a folder, not individual files.