Giant trees

I had received a forum message prior from Enzo that giant trees were showing up when he was using Flight Simulator after creating autogen from my program and I thought it might be from the earlier problems I was having with the differences between American and European representations of decimal numbers. Well, last night in my own flying around my scenery, I was treated to 12000 foot trees that, although rather visually stunning, were hardly desirable. Seems that one of the masked edit controls in my program flaked out on me. Although it was setup exactly as the other 3 that control minimum and maximum vegetation heights it was giving quite a different output. If it displayed a number such as 12.000 it was reporting 12000. I don't remember making any changes to this control for many versions so I believe this to be an anomoly with VB. I made a fix last night that reads the formatted text instead of the text output and that seems to correct the problem.

If you have either of the last 2 versions of the program, please get version 1.0.26 (which I just sent in to Dazzy at the VFR autogen site) and open and resave any tiles you've saved recently or you'll be in the land of the giants.

Art Martin