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GMAD | Agadir | Morocco

Hi Jetman we are scenery developers we are developing City of Agadir and the approach. We have a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PerfectSoftSim/
We have a partnership with BingMap for satellite imagery .
Some previews are here .
Maybe our projects will be complementary .
Contact us on facebook page or on mouhcinehmimidi@gmail.com
That will be a wonderful project.


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It is time for an update!

All vegetation, vehicles and buildings are done. Now there are just some final touches on the parking lot which need to be made and than the lights have to be turned on ;-)
Not too much work left now!

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It is getting serious! Now just the night lightning and some optimization on the 3D grass has to be done!
Here is a quick update!

As usual: All comments are welcome! Ater some comments in the past I already changed the appearence of all ground markings. They are less saturated and have more worn-out traces now!

Are going with a big coverage area in this project too or will it just be the airport?
Great work so far looks like the real deal;)
OK, the lights are on!

The project is now down to some last minor corrections and tests! Before you ask: Yes, release is close but not yet planned for a fix date! At least it was way faster than my Marsa Alam development-especially if I consider that I have done large parts of the La Reunion airports in the meantime :D

I will only provide the airport with everything within the airport boundaries, but with another developer concentrating on the surroundings Agadir might become a nice destination for your next virtual vacation.

Thanks for all of your comments and feedback during the development. It is always nice to read that you guys appreciate the enormous amount of work going into my projects beside my regular job and activities and keeps me going on...
The next destination(s) is (are) already on my radar. Stay tuned ;-)

Speechless for quality and astonished by the speed :eek:
Why not a little detour by Mayotte FMCZ, seen your speed to execute it would not be a problem, I think.
successful continuation in your projects ;)
Agadir is on final approach! Just fixing some minor issues now and waiting for the beta test results...release should not be too far away ;-)

In the meantime:
Newly adjusted lightning and a couple of more shots!

Thanks for watching!
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PS: You can also upload your images to imgur.com or fastpic.ru - none requires registration although it is possible!