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Hi all.

For some time, Luis Sa has been hosting GMaps which allows you to view the world in Google, MS Live ( Bing! ), and Yahoo maps. It allows a large image to be generated, which can also be saved if using a web-shot utility with the web browser... I like Mozilla Fireox with the FireShot addon.

The bounds of the image are also available for copying.



An image saved as test.bmp, with a text file as above named test.txt will automatically be registered on import into SBuilderX or SBuilder... very handy.

Luis' code uses ASP, which prevents the code from easily being altered for similar projects, and requires an ASP compatible website or local server to run.

I have converted the code to run in plain javascript, which allows the scripts to run on almost any website, and can run locally on anyone's computer! I also disabled the enlarged map scrolling, to prevent errors in the georeferencing.

Here's a website I setup:

RhumbaMaps online

And better yet, I'm attaching a zip file of the scripts as HTML files that will run on your own computer without needing access to either website. Examine the readme file. Play with the code and see what you can derive.

Download RhumbaMaps

On the local computer, you shouldn't need a key from Google or Yahoo, but if you host it on a website, you'll need your own access codes.


The Yahoo map won't export at the right size. 1600x1200 becomes 1608x1216. 3200x2400 becomes 3208x2416.

Top, Bottom, and Left have an 8-pixel border.

In PaintshopPro 8 I can lasso-select the white area, invert selection, and then menu item Image | Crop to Selection... and save.

Then it works fine. I can't find a work-around in the code... Yahoo maps are just this way.


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