Gmax 2002 & BGL_LIGHT

Well, now that I have the 2004 LIGHT_NAV working, could someone explain to me how the BGL_LIGHT works in the 2002 MakeMDL?

Specifically, how it is set up in Gmax. Is it the same as the 2004 way or is there a difference? I have been unable to find any documentation regaring the use.

Thanx in advance.

Sean E.


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Hi Sean,

In Fs2002 it works the same. The only difference is that no tweaks are needed after you exported it :).
Okay, another quick question with the 2002 LIGHT_NAV....

What do you need to do to get the lights to turn off during the daytime?
Will I need to tweak the code with a daytime check display?

Thanx in advance

Sean E.