P3D v3 Gmax Animated Jetway help (solved)

After doing a lot of digging here and throughout, I challenged myself to make a custom Jetway. I can say I've reached my limits and was wondering if someone may be able to take a look at my Gmax model and my error(s). Did everything by Adrian Wood's and Jetanbobe.
The skin and bone seem to work great in Gmax, and the export looks good on MCX and P3D. Yes, they do display as intended, but will not dock. Tried varying the distance to the parking/gate, but no success.



Things I did not do this time:
1. animated hood/cover
2. only 1 sliding bridge vs 2 on Adrian's tutorial.
3.yes, they do sit very low per the real ones.
Had everything set right. The issue were unweighted vertices, and missing hood animation. Apparently hood HAS to be animated.