Gmax installation guide for FS2004

At first I'm a novice with GMax and with such a forum, also I beg your pardon for my mistake.
I was looking for a tutorial that leads me step-by-step to create a simple object with GMax and to export it in FS2004. I think that I've found it with this article.
Many thanks those who have written this tutorial. I wait for the continuation to be able to put a texture on my teapot !

The author writes that this article 'll be continued. If it's done, can a link to be put in this article ?
One more time : Thank you very much.

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I have the same trouble, please guide how to add textures! I got another tutorial and succesfully added textures in Gmax, but when i place my model in FS2004 according that manual textures are missing! Please Help.

Thanks in advance!
Since you are both using Gmax I can't help there BUT- things to consider....

You are making this for FS9???? If you are compiling your mdl as xtomdl it will not show up in FS9.

Use- makemdl to compile your mdl.

Next- Make sure you do NOT use DXT5. FS9 does not know about DXT5.
Use DXT3. If you are using dds format.... I don't know if FS9 can see dds format. I would stay with the dxt3 bmps.

Next- are you making night or light maps? for FS9 if you forgot to make the _LM FS9 most likely will render the day bmp as the night as well, I think. For FSX the object with that texture will be invisible if FSX is looking for the _LM and cannot find it. but for FS9 you might be ok in this regard. Bob
let me add to the good advice from jyarddog, if you can see the textures on your object in gmax, then you've succeeded in assigning the map file to a material, and mapping that material to your object.

Gmax will allow that with any map file. BUT FS will only accept certain size files for display. FS demands your image file be sized to a factor of 2, thus 256x256 pixels will work, 64x512 pixels will work, 1024x1024 pixels will work. If you choose a pixel size for your map file that is NOT a factor of 2, it will not display.