Gmax Modellers for Major Project

Hi, this maybe the wrong area to put this thread , however I just really don't know where it should go.

I would like to see how many if any gmax modellers are in Brisbane. I would like to spend some time with you learning and progressing further with gmax. I am slowly moving over from fsds, however there are some things I just can not find how to do.

This learning will be for a new Major project, in creating highly detailed and realistic scenery for the following airports in Queensland.

Coastal Scenery
1. Amberly Airforce base
2. Caboolture
3. Gympie
4. Childers
5. Gladstone
6. Great Kepple Island
7. Mackay
8. Proserpine
9. Bowen
10. Ayr
11. Ingham
12. Dunk Island
13. Innisfail
14. Port Douglas
15. Cape Tribulation & the Daintree
16. Cooktown
17. Lizard Island
18. Coen
19. Lockhart River
20. Bamaga
21. Horn Island
22. Scherger
23. Weipa
24. Normanton
25. Full detailed Gold Coast, from Tweed river and twin towns through to the tip of North Stradebroke Island and in high res Photo Real.

Inland scenery
1. Burketown
2. GeorgeTown
3. Mount Isa
4. Cloncurry
5. Julia Creek
6. Hughenden
7. Boulia
8. Winton
9. Barcaldine
10. Alpha
11. Blackall
12. Emerald
13. Blackwater
14. Springsure
15. Moura
16. Thangool
17. Taroom
18. Charleville
19. Roma
20. Miles
21. Chinchilla
22. St George
23. Goondiwindi
24. Cunnamulla
25. Stanthorpe
26. Warwick

This not only includes airports, but also all towns, cities, mining & resource sites. Full vegetation. Notably work is already underway with detail railways models, and rolling stock of both diesel and electric trains.

For anyone that is interested, I have PDF of a few images showing some of the scenery objects and railway testing that is underway as we speak. If interested sms (numbers at the bottom), pm or reply to this post with your email address.

This is ambitious, but I want "as real as it gets". I have not decided if it will be payware, donation ware or free. But I will be enlisting considerable amounts of Modeller's, terrain & mesh experts, PR developers.

If you are interested in spending some time refining this, please sms or call me on 0402 532 873.


Resource contributor
That's quite a shopping list for detailed scenery!

Have you perused the offerings already out there? Several of the fields you list have been done in some detail as freeware (eg YCAB, Gympie)

some screenshots here (amongs other places)

Might be worth looking at OZx and Ants offerings, as well as the ORBX fields before investing time.

Have you started on one of these yet? That might give you an idea of the likely projected timeframe. I would suggest you trim or prioritise the list a bit.
Hello Hcornea, yes mate all over, Ants and Orbx. My aim is to raise the bar on the Airports that are available and those that are not. Ozx has been an awesome interim measure whilst I have been learning and I still really enjoy the work that is out there, But I just want to raise the LOD and highlight many of eh fields that they have done, of which I have listed some. For the major centers such as Gladstone and Mackay just to name two, these areas could really do with a massive overhaul. I have been really inspired by areas such as cairns airport, city and region, and yet overly disappointed that some many other key locations have been forgotten or only brushed over lightly. For me I like the ability to fly full VFR with the correct and appropriate VFR marker and reference points which really are either not there or boring representations. The ability to land a chopper in any detailed city on heliports or hospitals for Australia will add a further diemention to the reality of FSX and the experience for its users.

So certainly re-inventing the wheel, but for a positive outcome. Along the way I will be wanting to utilise the diverse range of skills and abilities of many people on this site and many others alike to achieve a common outcome of excellence. I am currently working on a few projects at the moment from scenery object packs that contains 100's of 3d items covering some many different elements, 3D Modelled railways, tracks, signals etc to complement the AI & static coal, freight, mixed goods and passenger trains that roam around Queensland. Further more I am also working on an Australian Defence force Scenery Object package that will contain all vehicles, ships, equipment, aircraft, people and other key filler items. These will all be done in HD PR. These are exciting times in the FS world, especially with P3D V2 coming along nicely..... The new 64bit version will be fantastic when it is realised as you can do so much more with this. Of course all of these sceneries and projects will fit seamlessly into FSX & P3D no matter what version you are running...

Wow big answer to your response.... oh well its out there now... Thanks for your response anyway..... and talk with you soon.