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FSXA Gmax Pilot Figure Request


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late 40s-early50s helmetmask (Medium).jpg
Hi good people of FSDeveloper land. :)

Not sure if a request is allowed in this forum; my apologies if not.

I am working on a quick XF-92A project as a favor and I am in need of a pilot figure, actually a head/helmet/oxy mask, of the late 40's and early 50's era. See attached. The plugin is not necessary and the details do not have to be high resolution.

The project is in gmax so the mesh would have to be convertible.

If you are willing to share, please state how I may properly credit your work.

Thank you View attachment 37620

You'd have to do the helmet and mask, but I built a new pair of low-poly pilot figures not too long ago, if you want them. The differences are fairly minor; one is based on the late Adam Stanger and is fairly slim, the other one is based on me and has the beer gut and tied-back hair to match.

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Thanks Johnman and EricC. Actually I have quite a few animated pilot and crew figures, just not a helmet/mask setup like this one requested.
Hello Mr Shupe

Sorry for this late reply. Do you still need any help to model this? Please, let me know.

All the best,

In any event, I have this male figure to try this out (not mapped yet). The exact height is 1.7783 m (5.8343 ft) tall:



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Thank you for consideration. Sorry I did not followup on this post. We now have an appropriate modeled pilot made especially for this XF-92A project and the F7F project. The pilot figure was done by Javis.
I appreciate your response.