gmax taxilines ?

Thank the Magic!

It seems that though it couldn't be understood well, the magic of gmax was seen.

Thank you for the kind explanation. I try to study carefully.

It was a little made to participate in terrific writing, and it let me do. :eek:


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It is indeed a very useful thread. Lucky enough somebody finally pushed it up again. :D

Could we stick it, please?


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Why? All the information is also on the Wiki and there it is even easier to follow I would say.
Great tutorial, but I have a question
I made all my taxilines and made lofting for them, now I have something about 850 lofts.
All of them are with the texture applied, all of them are selected to be converted, but the result is that only a part of the taxilines is shown in the FS...

Is there any limitation for the lofts quantity?
I think you have to export them separately not like each individual loft just say you select half of the airports taxilines in one export and the other half in another export. As far as i can remember if you export them all together this problem occurs not 100% sure though sorry just try it.
The problem was (as I found out) that after applying the TEMPLATE, my lofts had SHAPE STEPS - 5, when what is needed is - 1.

A lot of work to change all the shapes from 5 to 1.....
It's a pity, GMAX cannot select ALL the LOFTS and make only one change applied to all of them...

I'll see and let you know further
Hi all,

why not make a straight line object and texture it with uv's. After the texturing is done, just use the bend function and bend the part that is supposed to be round? I never tried that in GMAX but it wokrs that way in any other 3d package I know: Modo, Lightwave, 3DMax, Maya etc. Just make sure, the object has enuff "joints" so you can bend easyly. The UV-Map is supposed to bend with the bend tool. If just use a planar projection map, that would not work.

Anyone tried that before? Just a thought not to have to go through all that confusing steps :) Allthought that tricks are really cool. One has to get that idea first. Bravo!!!

just my 2 cents

bending works in gmax fine, but you must think of how it will export, and how fs will read it... lofting works by dividing curves up into successions of straight polygons. its all about the polygons, and i think the exporting is converted with bglc as a ground poly and thats what fs reads....

i may be totally wrong, but what we want to end up with are polygons, and a 'bent' polygon isn't something i think that works in graphics engines. it would be the differentiations of your bent object into something converted into scenery (at any detail (roundness) level)

now, if im totally wrong, i apologize in advance, but bending seems too easy...
A "bent" polygon is merely one whose vertices have been moved.

In any case, after the bending modifier, you can always collapse the modifier/stack and you end up with an object consisting of a series of polygons with vertices transformed (moved) into what appears to be a curve.

This is not to be confused with a (single) non-planar polygon that can cause havoc with shading, etc.


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Hi Nick,

Can we place and move the taxilines created by the lofting technique in ObjPlacer?
Hopefully I understand your question correctly. To make ground polygons work correctly you will have to tweak the output and use the FS2002 gamepack. This means they are not exported as a MDL object, but directly as a BGL file. As a result of that they are not put in an object library and can also not be positioned with object placement tools. You will have to type in the coordinates on export.