FS2004 Gmax ULE error..what does this mean?

I'm attempting a new Firefly model with a few changes. These models used to compile perfectly but since I've got a new comp and reinstalled everything I now get errors from the identical files. Could anyone clarify for me? Is it really suggesting I have too many animations? The part in question is a wing with no animation. I'd appreciate the insight.

Start! (C:\Users\DouglasE\Desktop\ULE_Compile\firefly_interior_340.x)
Loading X C:\Users\DouglasE\Desktop\ULE_Compile\firefly_interior_340.x...
Assertion failed: file .\xfileloader.cpp, line 1815 (m_iAnimNext < ANIM_SIZE_MAX)
Error: More animations than the 1200 allocated.Error: More animations than the 1200 allocated.Error!
Which step in the ULE process are you at exactly?

What seems a bit suspect at first glance is the space in "firefly_int erior_340.x".

You might try export-selected objects to the standard (not ULE_Compile) export environment w/o MdlCommander etc., just to see whether those same errors come up again. The ULE_Compile folder needs to be set up correctly, it won't work freshly installed.
Thanks Manfred, this error occurs when I attempt to make the .asm files from the .x files. I am well over the poly limit for the standard export so the ULE system is a must for me.
I just downloaded version 19B, I will try a fresh install of everything according to the readme, and do some reorganizing I think. I'll report my progress. Cheers