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Google Changed the URL - SBuilderX


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Directly? No. But Luis has setup a site for images from Google; http://www.ptsim.com/sbuilder/gmaps.asp?Lat=41.876&Lon=-120.147

I can utilize my screen capture program to snap the new window that opens with an enlarged image. Save as a BMP file, copy the coordinate data into a TXT file with the same name as the BMP file. Now the image can be loaded into SBX using the Add Map | From Disk command.
Hello Lance and others,

I added the possibility to get backgrounds from Yahoo and LiveEarth in addition to Google. Please click on the link above and you will see 2 new buttons that take you to the other map providers.

In order to capture the larger background in the "new" window I found the following plugin for Firefox to be a "must". With a single click I place the whole picture (even the hidden part) in my disk:


May be there is something similar for Internet Explorer but I rarely use it now.

Kind Regards


ps: please report possible bugs
Alternative to SBuilderX ????

In the view of SbuilderX giving problems recently

Are you suggesting the use of http://www.ptsim.com/sbuilder/ Exploring Live Earth or Google Maps for FSX to be used for FSX terraing image bgl file.

From the window we know the ‘The boundaries of the map’ four corners. N-S- E-W

New window will give larger image 1600x1200. Save this large image with 'Screengarb'. The saved jpg image can be converted into bmp file format

The bmp file then can be converted into a bgl image by FSX SDK as suggested in the documentation.

Am I correct in assuming this?



Staff member
Resource contributor
I think you can assume that the use of "gmaps" is an alternative to using SBuilderX's built-in display function.

Using those images as a basis for photoreal imagery should be alright for personal use, but those BGLs cannot be distributed ( not even for free ) as the image data is copyrighted.

The use of those images as a background on which to create vector, landclass or waterclass scenery should be fine, as the imagery itself is not distributed.

I only caution you about this, as I don't want any newer developers thinking this is freely useable imagery. It isn't. I hate copyright and EULA discussions, and will lock this thread if it devolves into such. We are not legal counsel, and cannot advise anyone about what they can and cannot do.

But for your own purposes, have fun! :)

I'v just reinstall Windows and google dosen't work in SbuilderX.
Before reinstalation dll v 3 from this topic worked perfectly. What's more - now google maps web page dosen't work - Firefox, IE... nothing o_O
Can anyone help me plz?


Resource contributor

There is no reason at all for the web page "Exploring Google Maps for ..." not to work. And I just test it. Your problem seems to be related to your Internet connection. Are you accessing the Internet as usual?

I hope you solve your problem,

Thx for reply. Yes, I'm accessing internet as usual. Google maps dosen't work since I used google dll v.3 for the first time after my new Win installation. What's more - before reinstall, I had the same problem with google maps web page, always when I run SbuilderX and loaded google tiles, but coputer hard restart always solved this problem.
Unfortunately now not anymore :(
I've tried to reinstall SbuilderX with default google dll, but nothing helps.


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The problem (as outlinedabove) is with Googles blocking of the tile server to 3rd party apps like SBuilder, by use of a Captcha system

You will need to obtain imagery by using an alternative method, such as one of those outlined above.
Hi All:

I haven't tried the new DLLs yet, but in related scenarios where a server is limiting how much content can be accessed per IP address, there is sometimes a another simple workaround. :idea:

Most broadband ISP internet access accounts use an IP address that is "dynamically" assigned (using DHCP) by one's ISP.

Thus, one's internet connection can be forced to terminate and re-log on to the ISP server, thereby being given a new IP address (just like the "old days" with dial-up connections... a new IP address was issued with each log on).

NOTE: This will not work if you have a "Static IP Address" broadband ISP account.

For "Dynamic IP Address" broadband ISP accounts, the connection with one's ISP can be terminated and re-started with a new IP assigned address by:

1.) Powering off the broadband modem, then powering back up
2.) Disconnecting and then re-Connecting at one's broadband Router web user interface IP address using a browser (if using a router)
3.) In Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Services and Applications > Services, in the "Services" list, Stopping and then re-Starting "DHCP Client".

Of course, one may have to re-login to the desired server to gain access to more of the previously IP-address-limited data to complete one's content gathering process. ;)

Hope this helps! :)



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Another thing is that the tiles are stored and can be found in the Internet Temporary Files after we visit a "normal" maps web site. I do not know if the limitations based on IPs also apply to "normal" maps web sites, as they seem to apply to accesses using the SBuilderX plugin interface. If the limitation do not apply, it is possible to write a script that moves the tiles from the Internet cache and places them in the SBuilderX cache.

Best Regards, Luis