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Google Earth Changes


Resource contributor

Found an easy fix for the problem with the new Google Earth format not importing into FSX KML properly.

Am working on a pre-FSXKML program to fix the differences.

I'l bug test and send in when I've got it working properly.

Basically all you should have to do is run this "pre" program which sorts the KML file and launches FSXKML with the fixes KML.
A few questions....

  1. Does it has to be run every time before FSXKML or just once?
  2. Why does it need administrative permissions?
  3. Why not use roaming folders and user folders instead of c:\Windows?

I hope Matthew fixes this because it is becoming a pain to use FSXKML. What I was doing so far was to delete the 1st and last point of polygons (had one or both coordinates set to 0) to get rid of the KML problem. The other problem with having to manually edit the config file was also VERY Annoying, specially if you work on several projects simultaneously.


Resource contributor
1. Yes, it needs to run every time as it is a fix for the KML file and not FSXKML as you will see when you run the app.

2. As it says in the description, you need admin rights as uses the registry for storing the file locations.

3. C:\Windows is used as that is the location of the file that gets written by FSXKML and this gets edited in order to automatically open FSXKML with the edited KML which you created by using this package.
Please post (or send me a private email) on what needs to be fixed up in the KML files - I'll try to create a tool that works in Windows 7.


0 tools should store INI file in the directory with the EXE not in a special Windows folder.

0 tools shouldn't use ANY special folders (nor the register IMO) for that matter - don't use C:\ either

0 users should not install any programs not specifically designed for Vista/7 in the C:\Program Files nor the C:\Program Files(x86) folders on 64 bit machines - create your own C:\Programs folder if you wish to store installed programs in one place

0 before unzip/extract of downloads - right click, properties, click Unblock if it is enable/present

0 right click Run as Administrator if the option is present for install programs - assuming you trust the source - simple tools shouldn't need this, if you are creating one strive to figure out why it can install/run w/o admin rights


Resource contributor
Why are you posting in a thread about a tool that already works for you to create?

Don't you have any respect for other people's work?

In future, start your own thread for tour own tools and respect other developers. And FYI, if we want you opium on how to write our programs, we will ask for it. :mad:
Sorry to offend you, please excuse me - your tool does not work for me on a windows 7 x64 PC. I could not get past the path setting. The Browse function cannot select a folder - just goes in a loop like the Scenery dialog in FSX. When I pasted the proper path I get a crash to desktop.

When I try to run the tool I get a security message and have to run as administrator.

I assumed the tool was "out of warranty" by now and wasn't being maintained.

I tried again after your post and I got past the path setting by manually pasting the paths. When it asked for the KML file it went to the Documents folder instead of the path indicated. On subsequent runs it goes the last folder Ok but there is still a security problem at startup.

My guess is you are try to get the C:\Windows copy of the INI which is verboten in Windows7.

You should be able to get to C:\Users\{userName}\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Windows - not sure if there is a special folder for that - probably is.
He get offended because he have posted his tool recently, I dont' think this tool be a abandonware, I not see bad intentions in your statement, only wish to help, so be friend, anyway I think Fsxkml deserve an improvement in someway.