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Do a search for in the AVSIM File Library. Is this the sort of thing you mean? I assume it is using SimConnect
Probably would have worked, but it is not freeware and it only covers Alaska.

I was wanting to somehow trace the coastlines in UT Canada to make a KLM so I could convert it in FSX KLM.

Although it is a way better than the default scenery in FSX there are a lot of small errors in UT Canada.

I was just trying to correct some things around my home town.
Take a look at FSX KML that is available on
Not sure I understand what you mean.

I am probably not stating things very clearly.

I am using FSX KLM along with Google Earth to do a lot of work.

However, when trying to correct some faults in UT Canada I am having a problem.


When trying to change a shoreline which is not correct.
When excluding the shoreline in UT Canada it acts the same as it would in the default scenery and excludes a lot more shoreline than required. It removes the shoreline well beyond the area which I am trying to correct.

The problem arises when trying to replace the missing shoreline. Google Earth and UT Canada shorelines are not the same. I have been trying to do it using Long and Lat but even that can be out. It is not a problem in the area where I excluded the water but beyond those areas.

What I was looking for was something that would couple Google earth to the sim so that I could make a poly line following UT Canada's shoreline rather than Google earths.
I will trace the shoreline in Google Earth then compile it in FSX KML.

Once I had the polyline in Google Earth I could run it through FSX KML for the bgl.

I suppose I wouldn't need to use Google Earth if there was another program that would allow a polyline to be drawn that was saved a a kml file.

Now I really have things confusing.:confused::confused: I'm even confusing myself.:laughing::laughing:
Thanks Jon.
No reason for you to be sorry!
I'm sorry to be such a bother and I really appreciate your help..:(
I am new at this and get frustrated when this stupid computer doesn't do what I want.;)
I will have a look at SBuilder and see if it might work.

I have attached a couple of pics to show the problem I have.
Trying to get the sim and GE shorelines to match will take some magic.:D



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Look for SBuilderX. It has some learning curve but there is a support forum at The developer, Luis Sa, is sometimes here as well.

I have not been able to find a connect Utility that will allow GE Plus and FSX KML to work with a slew mode.

I think the payware Jon pointed to says it works but I did not try it. Some areas of the world when in GE agree with FSX and some are off a certain distance.

SbuilderX may be able to do it. In GE Plus I just draw and then compile into FSX. I then go back and look at my work and then tweak.
Also Mac

If I wanted to change some of the UTX coastlines, I would probably attempt to load the relevant UTX bgl file into TMFViewer first thing. Finding exactly WHICH utx file that is might be a problem, since that depends on how the utx people organized their bgl's.

Loading into TMFViewer would allow me to see exactly how the UTX people laid out the coastlines and water polygons.

Armed with that information, I would be in a position to create exclusion polys (using FSX_KML) to wipe out the offending coastlines/features.

I don't have UTX but the process is the same no matter what scenery bgl's you're using: load in TMFViewer to see what you need to exclude, then exclude using FSX_KML, then lay down your own (new) coastlines or water polys in place.

I hope that's clear as mud. :) Once you get the process down, it's very easy actually. Just a little time consuming.