FSXA got everythng but one item

I had to reinstall FSX. did so, then installed Acceleration as first time. (btw had all this before and running fine) followed instructions. SP1 from FSX disk, SPwa from Accel disk, then clicked on the MSI icon - got mesage it has to remove sp1a before installing - OK. continued to install. done.

Went to my SDK installation and found the html help file WITH the yellow ? and chm. I knew then I was on the right track.

Fired up FSX - when loaded I finally had 'tools' back on my menu. I opened it.... Two items are there but NOT Tool Box!

found my dll.xml. Opened with notepad and made sure all items said <disabled>false<disabled> but still no Tool box. any ideas? Bob
Hi Bob :wave:

I would give the Spanish Roby a call. I bet he will fix it in a few moments.

Good luck with your very good looking projects.

In the object placement section- if you mean take out the .. and type in the actual path. I just did that and object placement disappeared from my tools in the menu of FSX. I wennt back to the .. and object placement reappeared.
did it just like I see the other paths. I see... maybe the |s| is missiig will check.
Anyway- My [ath is C:\Program Files(x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK\SDK\ xxxxxxxx whatever. I did make sure I typed it as I saw the other enteries. Made I can copy\paste and see. but this had tpo do with Object place, not tool box <---- which I am not seeing. I DO see object placer already but not tool box.
just copied and pasted to make usre - same thing.... I lose object placer that way. I go back to the .. and it reappears. Still no tool box for monitoring ai.
Run configSD.exe once more and then check the dll.xml again. Maybe that helps.
Should there be a space between Program Files and (x86) or not?