GPS Glide Slope approach

ILS is being fazed out in the real would, planes will soon land with a gps approach with a glide slope if some don't have it now. eventually no pilots, planes will be flown by computers, like drones.


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I don't think so in default FS. There is a Synthetic ILS gauge that creates a pseudo-ILS for every runway in the world (no ILS frequency required). There is also a version that allows the AP to follow this to the runway. This could be used as a basis for a GPS approach with glide slope?
LPV approaches have vertical guidance and use GPS/WAAS. Not supported in default GPS but the RealityXP GPS supported flying coupled LPV approaches, I believe the Flight1 GPS addons do as well. AFAIK they are not considered to be "precision" approaches so you don't get ILS minimums.
Uh... ILS is still a precision approach. No LPV is considered a precision approach. ILS is not even remotely being phased out.
No ILS systems have been removed that I am aware of. In fact, I can think of many airports that have gotten an ILS approach added since that 2007 article. The article also states that only CAT I or localizer-only approaches are expected to be phased out. However, don't expect it to happen. ILS is still the only precision approach. No GPS based approach is as accurate and reliable as an ILS. Until they define a GPS based precision approach, ILS approaches won't be disappearing.