GPW issue when GP spans latitude or longitude 0.0

Hi Arno,
Just discovered this while debugging my other issue. Might be a bit of an edge case but thought it worth mentioning.

I converted my GP using GPW at position 0,0. Seems to be an issue when spanning the equator or prime meridian:
N0.0, E0.0
N1.0, E0.0
N0.0, E1.0

I imported the bgl in 3dsmax and can see the polys are still there, they just go negative a bit too much. Talking like 25cm-ish.

Exported using these settings:

Album of different exports

Attached x file that I used to convert.



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I need to check if that boundary gives issues. I would not expect, but you never know.
After resetting the xform (my original problem) I've just doubled checked and confirmed the issue is present.
I've re-uploaded the zip files which includes an example blg.
But how can you see the issue?
Sorry, I didn't type what I was thinking.

I meant to say: after resetting the xform (my original problem), exporting, running the .x file through the GPW, I can confirm I'm still seeing the issue in the sim.


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You mean the issue with crossing zero degrees? But how can I see or reproduce that issue?
You would run the x file through GPW with the settings I’ve shown in the first post.
Go to that location in the sim and you should find the GP disappears under the surface to the North East of N0.0, E0.0.

I’ve included an example bgl where I’ve done the steps above for the location N0.0, E1.0
So with that bgl you should see the GP goes under the surface to the North of the N0.0 line.

Hopefully the images in the first post link help too.