grass model for library

Hello friends of this great community, I spent asking if any of you will have a model bgl or mdl of grass for my bookstore fsx. I am creating an aerodrome and I want to put some grass and look for the majority of forums and I do not find any model. I thank them if anyone could support me. Have a nice day.
Billy, FWIW, there is an EZ-objects library on Flightsim that comes with some 3D grass elements you can add with EZ scenery or similar. They work great for small areas (i.e. not to populate an entire field). Try searching for EZ-Library.

I've personally experimented with all flavors of 3D grass, and have given up on it, until P3D develops a new code for autogenerating it. I just don't like the look of patterns of lines of grass. They work ok when you operate a light aircraft with a low seating cabin, but the lines pattern are clearly visible once you step into a larger, higher cabin seating, airliner. Then the ones are made of 3D leaf models usually take a toll on performance.