Grass tufts through concrete

I am fairly new to ADE but have picked up a lot of skills so far. I am stuck with the following.

Using ORBX TRUE EARTH CENTRAL, EGCK - I have added concrete apron but grass tufts growing through it?. Not the scenery underneath only the grass.

I Would be grateful for a pointer
Thank you
Hi John:

ADE airport Aprons on top of ORBX TRUE EARTH CENTRAL, EGCK photo-real may also require a 3-attribute Airport Boundary Polygon:

* Flatten

* MaskClassMap

* Exclude Autogen

GUID: {46BFB3BD-CE68-418E-8112-FEBA17428ACE}

FYI: Default Land Class texture Autogen annotations and library objects may be excluded by Exclusion Rectangles (BGLComp-XML type)

Custom Autogen annotations on custom Land Class textures may be excluded by Exclusion Polygons (CVX vector compiled by SHP2VEC)

ADE can create either or both of the above types of objects for you as needed.

Note that the new ADE website location for the manual is here:

PS: SIM720 version of EGCK may not be custom photo-real, and may require a different exclude procedure, so let us know how this works.

Hope this helps. :)

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Thank you GaryGB.
Have tried the excludes in the way suggested(and a variety of excludes also) to no avail yet. Interestingly another area of EGCK True Earth on "their" apron has grass tufts. I went to Shobdon where I have spent some time and found only one area of "their" taxiway has the undesired grass tufts(a little unclear but a mass to the left of the prop in the photo). I wonder why it shows through some taxiways and aprons and not others? Where are they from? Will continue fiddling.



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ORBX appears to use their own scenery system which sometimes does not follow the normal rules of priority (at least apparently). I have not seen a good explanation of how to avoid this problem.
I have discovered that the appearance of the grass is contained within the -EGCK_objects.bgl in the scenery folder of True Earth Central. Taking the file out of course causes all the other important items to disappear. I will get some goats in this case.
Thanks for your attention all.