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ground api display problems

Hi !

Have this strange display problem of smaller ground apis when viewing our scenery from the air. As more i raise in the air the apis disappears more and more to the top. All buildings look fine :confused:

Any ideas ?


Hi Marijo!
Check flatten of Your terrain, check altitude of Your API (it should be 0m AGL), check in api, whether You have LayerCall() instead of PerspectiveCall() and check sceenry altitude in FSSC/Airport for windows for all BGLs You are using in this airport.
Flatten should be bigger than Your API, especially chack the center of the API regarding to the flatten.

Best regards from Slovenia,
Do YOu have objects in one BGL and ground in the second BGL? If so, check scenery properties in both BGLs; I guess they don't match in scenery altitude. It might be just a little bit and here You go.
Also scenery altitude and flatten may not match; check this also.
And check in gmax, taht the reference point of the ground API is trully on the ground, not a little bit above it.

Best regards,
  • Flatten as single bgl covering most parts of apron-api but not the entire (I used 10 points for the flatten, could this be a problem)

  • Apron api is made with LayerCall(), etc. BGL using refpoint type 7 tried to change to type 2 and E= excact alt of the flatten but didn`t helped

  • All apis are at AGL 0m

still dono where the problem could hide ! Maybe a problem from my grafic card
Ok, the problem is solved (THX TO GORAN !!!) because the api header was a "little bit" chaotic.

But now we have a new "tiny" problem :cool:

When rolling with the ac at areas where the afcad scenery is under the tires sink 1feet below our apron texture :duck:

AFCAD airport is on 279feet
GND api is on 279feet
Flatten is on 279feet