Ground Poly Edit Required?

I have been doing some small airport scenery that involves using the ground poly tool to add parking lines and perimeter lines. Every time I go to compile the airport I get a pop up that requires that each of those lines be "edited", and it won't compile until I do so. Basically I have to click "OK" for each line I've added and then set a final parameter of "Local Elevation-Full visibility" then it compiles the airport. Why is it necessary to "edit" if there's no editing necessary? I can't imagine the workload if I were doing an International Airport. . .I'd spend most of my day just clicking "OK" for every line or box I placed.


Resource contributor
That message is triggered when the compiler detects that a current parameter of a poly does not agree with the value of that parameter the last time it was edited. For example, if you move a vertex in a GP and don't manually call for a edit of the GP, then this message would be triggered. That's because moving a vertex would change how the texture is applied, While this may seem like an inconvenience, who would you blame if the compiler didn't object and the texture was no longer applied as you intended. An alternative would be to have ADE automatically call the GP Editor every time you moved, but that could be an even bigger nuisance.

ADE-GP has no way of knowing whether such a change is material or not. The way to avoid the issue is, when you finish moving the vertices of a GP, call the GP Editor.