Ground Poly Line showing up grey

I am attempting my first airport edit at Split, Croatia (LDSP) and have run into a problem. I've searched for a solution but have been unsuccessful.
All my Ground Polys and GP lines are showing up except for ILS Hold Short lines, where they are just showing up in grey (gray). (See hopefully readable screenshots below.)
The ILS Hold Short texture is derived from the included default taxiway_marks texture sheet, wheras the adjacent Hold short line is from gp_paternedlines_40F texture sheet.
Can anyone suggest where I am going wrong? Or is there a fix? I'm not great with 3D editing and alpha channels so a tutorial link would be great!

Rob Padgham

LDSP GP's.jpg

P3D GP's.jpg


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Did you copy the taxiway_marks.bmp texture into your Textures folder as directed in the manual? It's a special case.

Thank You Don for your reply.
I had copied the taxiway_marks.bmp file into a "Texture" folder residing alongside a "Scenery Folder" in a parent folder of "LDSP" held in P3D V4 Add-ons which is where I load all my airports.
I have read the manual numerous times, but find this section (I assume the section on compiling) the most confusing.
I have now copied the taxiway_marks.bmp into the above mentioned "Scenery" folder, and have now all texture sheets in both the "Texture" folder and the "ADE_GP Textures" folder, and rather than grey, the are showing up as black.
I tried overwriting the contents of the ADE "Textures" folder with the contents of Textures_DPY and I lost absolutely everything GP based.
Having reverted to previous save, I am coming to realise that despite being able to add complex taxiway signs with relative ease, ( I have placed a Max Wing Span 52M sign and RWY Ahead sign with no problems whatsover) I may not be capable of understanding the manual enough to add what should be a simple ILS hold short marking.
I guess I'll resort to the less appealing default one.
Have I understood the correct "Scenery" folder correctly?

Many thanks.



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Rob, the manual says:
copy the texture taxiway_marks.bmp from your FS9\Textures folder into the ADE Textures folder, or make a DXT5 .bmp version of from your FSX\Textures folder.
, Once you've done that, ADE_GP will look after copying the textures, including "taxiway_marks" into your scenery's companion \Texture folder.

Sometimes, one has to have these things drilled home after being whacked on the head with a heavy object.
Managed to find and download a converter of dds to dxt5.bmp, did as instructed and all is working as I hoped.

Many thanks Don, now that I've succeeded, I'll read the manual a fourth time with a little bit of extra knowledge to understand it better!!