Ground Poly Wizard import issue


I have used GP wizard many times on desktop computer. I can't get it to work on my laptop though which would be useful for testing. I can import a model into MCX and see it as normal, but if I try to import it to GP wizard, it briefly flashes then disappears. The list of textures does not appear in the wizard.

Am I maybe missing something on win10 laptop that is required for MCX GP to work?

I have the latest development release.
Did a 'clean install' of latest release to new location and removed the folder in appdata/local/, and it seems to be working now.
It was probably some old setting. As MCX conveniently remembers all the setting when you load a new version (and I often puzzled how it did it), maybe it would be an idea to incorporate a 'settings refresh', or 'clean install' option. It would clear out the folders or registry where this stuff is hidden and remembered and put it all back to default first time install?

You are now about to tell me it already has one.


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I doubt the problem you described was due to a old setting, more sounds like problem with some file being corrupt or out of date.

It might be an idea to have an option to reset all options. Although I need to check how that can be done, the settings are stored in the default .NET way (so Windows does it all for me).