Ground Poly

I hope I havent't missed something, but I did some research quiet a long time...

I made a low-quality ground polygon with gmax for testing purposes.
It is shown, but no defined as ground poly, as described in this thread:

But I cannot find the text which I should change for ground polys :confused:

This is my ASM-File:
; compile with BGLC /MDL C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Simon\Desktop\wien.asm
    db  'R','I','F','F'				; RIFF file identifier
    dd  bgl_data_end - $ - 4		    ; size of RIFF data
    db  'M','D','L','9'				; file identifire (FS9 model)

    db  'M','D','L','H'
    dd  visual_model_header_end - $ - 4
    dd  visual_model_header_end - $ - 4
    dd  0
    dd  0
    dd  21587
    dd  0
    dd  0
    dd  152
    db  'F','S','8','0'
    dd  2304
visual_model_header_end  label dword

    db  'I','S','F','T'   
    dd  ver_end - $ - 4  
    db  "MakeMDL - FS90 (9.00.030612.02)",0
ver_end label word       

bounding_box_riff_start	label	word
    db  'B','B','O','X'   
    dd  bounding_box_riff_end - $ - 4
    real4  -13443.909, 0.000, -16878.465  
    real4  13436.091, 0.000, 16889.535  
bounding_box_riff_end label word       

model_outside    label    BGLCODE
model_shadow label BGLCODE
model_inside  label    BGLCODE
crash_riff_start label BGLCODE
    db  'C','R','A','S'   
    dd  crash_riff_end - $ - 4
    BGL_CRASH_START   model_crash_end, 21587
    BGL_CRASH_OCTTREE  crash_end_1
    dw     CRASH_FLAG_BUILDING_PLANE            ; crash type
    dw     1            ; nodes used
    real4  -13443.909180,0.000000,-16878.464844      ; Box x,y,z 
    real4  26880.000000,11256.000000,33768.000000      ; Box w,h,d 
    dw   1,   1,   1,   1,   1,   1,   1,   1    ; base offset into node table, one for each top-level branch
    ; So if you take branch 2 (count from 0), you add 1 to indices you encounter on that branch
    ; Nodes (254=empty 255=full, else an index into branch)
    OCTTREE_NODE   254, 254, 254, 254, 254, 254, 254, 254           ; node   0
crash_end_1 label word
model_crash_end label word
crash_riff_end	label	BGLCODE

exterior_riff_start_0 label BGLCODE
    db  'E','X','T','E'   
    dd  exterior_riff_end_0 - $ - 4
LOD_0L    label    BGLCODE
    include    C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Simon\Desktop\wien_0.asm
exterior_riff_end_0	label	BGLCODE

bgl_data_end label     BGLCODE
Do I need better glasses, or did I make another mistake?

The text in the thread you linked to is for the FS2002 gmax gamepack only and not the FS2004 which uses a different file format.

You will need to export from the old FS2002 gamepack (if you have it) this will then give you the correct text when you export.

I'm sure someone can explain it better than me.

Ah, I understand. I've downloaded the FS2002 gmax SDK now.

But how can I extract the files with the old sdk? doesn't gmax automatically use the FS2004 SDK?
I believe there is a document that comes with the FS2004 Gmax gamepack that explains how to setup both the FS2002 gamepack and the FS2004 gamepack, Have a read of it, it will tell you exactly what to do.

I think it will be in your Gmax/gamepack/fs2004/docs but I could be wrong, I'm not at home at the minute so cant look.

The way that I use both the 2002 and 2004 gamepacks is that I have two installations of gmax. One for '02 and one for '04. It works flawlessly and it allows for the gmax files to be bounced between the two.

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Two installations of GMax are not needed. With the Fs2004 gamepack there comes a nice document how you can setup both gamepacks together (as Stevo already said). After that you have to shortcuts. One to start GMax with the Fs2002 gamepack and one to start it with the Fs2004 gamepack.

PS. You will need the Fs2002 Pro CD to be able to use the Fs2002 gamepack, as not all files can be downloaded from MS.
Thanks for your help so far!

but going back to fs2002 the old problems come up again :rolleyes:

When I try to export the scenery with fs2002-gmax the following error occurs:

But MakeMDL (from 2002SDK) is installed in the right directory (gmax/gampack/fs2002/plugins/).
(the path cannot be edited under preferences/paths - maybe somewhere else?)

I can remember that I had the same problems years ago, but no idea how I managed to solve them (if I ever solved them :scratchch ).
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Maybe this little trick can help you. (I came back to simming half a year ago after being away since FS5, so I had no 2002 - pro or otherwise - when I made groundpolys. And I am convinced that they have to be done in 2002-style):

Make your ground polys in gmax and export via the 2004 gamepack and via MDLcommander but as an x-file. (The MDLcommander docs will tell you how). The x-file can then be (re-)exported using the FS2002 MakeMdl as a stand-alone app.

You get the needed 2002-style asm-files and you may tweak away.

Thanks, I will try it.. Edit: I tried it ;)

at first, to check that I made everything right:
I exported the gmax-scenery with MDLcommander as an x-file.
Then I used the FS2002 SDK-MakeMDL to get an mdl-file out of the x-File.
This produced a FS2002-asm file, which I could tweak.
Then I compiled this asm-file with bglc_9 and got a bgl.

The result was unfortunately the same as exporting with FS2004-Makemdl (placed with xml and bglcomp).

Once the polygon isn't visible if there is a mountain, or there is no polygon at all, or the polygon is flying over the ground...

But never the polygon is placed as a "ground"-polygon. Allthough the agl is set to 0. :banghead:

May I need personal help? :whiteflag
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I might be on the wrong track, but:
1. did you place your ground poly at z=0.0 in gmax in the first place, and
2. did you remember to flatten the ground?

yes, z = 0,0

flatten? no! because I don't want a flat area ;)

I would like to make large aereas of photorealistic sceneries (ca. 1000km²).

And therefore I would like to have the texture (ground poly) also on mountains.

may this has to be done in another way?

So you are trying to make several ground polys that follow the mesh. I think you will have to try something else. You could do it by textured VTP2 polys. Luis Sa has has developed his excellent tool SBuilder for that purpose.

I am no expert on this but try looking around the PTSim forum where you can also download the tool (freeware with a few limitations of functionality, 10 € otherwise).

Otherwise try somthing like Photo Scenery Maker or Terrabuilder

Ah, OK, thanks. I have already tried sbuilder (and pscmaker). I'll try Terrabuilder to make the complete list :D

VTP2-Poly - This is the Catchword. Thanks for that!