FSXA Ground polygon issue

Hi there,
I've started working on FSX scenery and I'm in a trouble with ground polygon (in FS9 version, it works fine) .
In FS9, I used ADE to create a polygon to flatten the airport (elev. 13.5m) together with my airport ground polygons (aerial photos, apron, taxilines, taxiways...) which were exported from MCX .
For FSX, I don't know how to flatten the airport, I just export that stuff from Gmax .mdl to MCX and set the altitude as the same with afcad file . And my ground polygons are conflicted with the afcad . Please take a look of these attached photos .
In Gmax, all layers are set to Z=0 .I don't know what is the issue coming from :confused:

Trieu Pham



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You exported from the ground polygon wizard of modelconverterx in the fsx mode I guess?

Did you check if your runway has the same elevation as the flatten?

Thanks for your comments . Yep, I exported the ground polygon .mdl to .bgl via MCX and set the altitude as same as afcad file in ADE . The reason is I forgot to set the link to FSX SDK folder correctly, so when it compiled the afcad bgl file, I did not get the .cvx file .
I checked it and now it works fine :)

One more question (sorry if it's possible to post here) : When exporting with MCX, even though I did not tick on Prevent exclude autogen, there was a lot of autogen trees still appeared in my airport . I have also created a polygon in ADE with tag excluded autogen but it did not work