FS2004 Ground polygon night textures (_LM) problem

Hi all,
I have a question about night textures (_lm.bmp files) for ground polygon . When mapping the texture into my ground polygon, I set diffuse and ambient and export with fs2k2 makemdl.exe
After that, I made a night texture files with Photoshop by using the Lightness (attached pics), I reduced the lightness from 0 to -90 . Then created .bmp DXT3 (or DXT1) with Imagetool .
But when I start the scenery in FS at night, the result was bad (night textures look creep with the awful color) .
I checked some night textures from Flytampa, I didnt know how do they get a perfect result :eek:
PLease check my attached files and show me the way to make it better .
Thanks a lot :)



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It is hard to see from your images. But it seems like you need to spend more effort on the night texture. Just making it darker, does not mean it will blend well in the environment. And normally you only want some parts to light up again. If you just want everything darker, there is no need to add the night texture.


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I think I normally do night texture by adding a layer of darkness, black color. And then make it a little bit transparent. By using eraser, you can delete some part of this layer making it like a light in the darkness.
I don't change the original picture by changing lightness or hue or something else.
Any more suggestion?