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Ground Polys

I am trying to create ground polys again. But I can't get GMAX to save as asm files. I checked the keep files box and un checked the crash box. I installed FSX and FSX SDK. I also installed FS2002 Pro. I am using windows 7.

Any ideas thanks


Just tried saving to a different folder and worked. Wouldn't work saving to Addon Scenery scenery folder?
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Hi Glenn,

The folder you export to should not matter normally. As long as you use the FS2002 gamepack and select the keep files option it should be enough.
Thanks Arno

It works when I send it to a different folder but it won't save into my Addon scenery folder for some reason. I have to save it to a documents folder then copy to Addon folder. I want to set up FSX Gamepacks but don't want to mess up the 2002 for ground poly.
I have the FSX and FS2002 SDKs installed on one computer. I also have Gmax 1.2 installed and mostly working to make ground polys for FSX. I would now like to make models for FSX. I have read the following file: Installing the FS2004 Gmax SDK over the FS2002 Gmax SDK.rtf. I have changed FS2004 to read FSX and hi-lighted in red. The new instructions are below.

Installing the FSX Gmax SDK over the FS2002 Gmax SDK

IMPORTANT! If you have already installed the FS2002 Gmax SDK, you will need to follow the procedures outlined in this document to enable the FSX Gmax SDK and FS2002 SDK to work properly on the same machine. By following the guidelines presented you can have the FS2002 and the FSX Gmax SDKs work on the same machine.

If Gmax was not installed from FS2002, install Gmax 1.2. Gmax 1.2 setup is provided as part of the Flight Simulator 2004 setup, or available as a download from http://www.discreet.com/products/Gmax/. Once Gmax is installed, the FSX Gmax SDK can be installed to C:\Gmax (or wherever Gmax was installed).

If Gmax was installed from FS2002 and was not updated to Gmax 1.2, it is recommended that Gmax 1.2 be installed in a separate directory from where Gmax is currently installed. The FSX Gmax SDK can then be installed into this NEW Gmax directory.

If Gmax was installed from FS2002 installation and was updated to Gmax 1.2, use the following procedure to relocate the FS2002 SDK components so that they will properly coexist with the FSX SDK components:

1.Create a new folder in C:\Gmax\gamepacks called FS2002.
2.Create a new folder in C:\Gmax\gamepacks\FS2002 called plugins
3.Move MakeMDL.* from C:\Gmax\plugins into C:\Gmax\gamepacks\FS2002\plugins
4.Move FSMdlExp.DLE from C:\Gmax\plugins into C:\Gmax\gamepacks\FS2002\plugins
5.Create a new file in C:\Gmax\gamepacks\FS2002 called Gmax.ini with the following contents:
Heidi Drivers=Drivers
[Utility Sets]
ModSetEntry0=1010183319 1606892208 307388827 306186243 1924876789 -1482568881 1470835552 1493529333 1855492501 1576747447 1698601430 1759998750 -1479269395 1692309753 -1923732607 0 1163371204 1600820 761473067 1521299528 929757223 190734547 81152088 382825757
ModifierSetName1=Gmax default
ModSetEntry1=307388827 306186243 1924876789 -1482568881 1470835552 1493529333 1855492501 1576747447 1698601430 1759998750 -1479269395 1692309753 -1923732607 0 1163371204 1600820 761473067 1521299528 929757223 190734547 81152088 382825757
6.Create a new file in C:\Gmax\gamepacks\FS2002 called plugin.ini with the following contents:
Standard Gmax plug-ins=StdPlugs\
Additional Gmax plug-ins=plugins\
7.Create a new shortcut in C:\Gmax\gamepacks\FS2002 called FS2002.lnk.
a.Edit the shortcut to have a ‘target’ of: %GMAXLOC%Gmax.exe -i gamepacks\FS2002\Gmax.ini -p gamepacks\FS2002\plugin.ini
b.Edit the ‘Start in’ directory of the shortcut to be: %GMAXLOC%

Note: When you installed the FS2004 gmax SDK, the setup program placed copies of gmax.ini, plugin.ini, and FS2002.lnk as described above in steps 5, 6, and 7 in the c:\gmax\gamepacks\fs2004\docs directory.

I don't have FS2004 SDK installed.

Do I just follow all of the above instructions in the third bullet as written to get FSX SDK to work?

Thanks Glenn
Just a thought here on syntax........

Here is an example of one of your lines I picked at random


Here is what you might consider as a more explicit robust way of defining folder locations:


Adopting this helped me debug my way out of the nightmare of getting dual gamepacks working smoothly......