FS2004 Ground texture advice needed.

Hi all

I am in the process of making a desert military airport in FS2004. My next challenge for this is to create better ground texure as i do not like the default one i have at the moment.
Can anyone point me in the right direction as to which programs would be suitable for this. I have got an 9000 ft runway, so i would be looking to add a desert texture of about 10,000 ft square etc.

Hope this makes sense in what i am trying to achieve.

Many thanks
You could start by using image tiles downloaded from Sbuilder. Those can directly be compiled into a bgl ready to use in fs...


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I guess it depends what kind of effect you are using for.

  • You could use the FS2004 terrain technque (resample) to place imagery, but this is limited to 4.8 meter resolution. This can be done with SBuilder.
  • You could place new VTP polygons to alter the terrain type shown, but still using the default textures. This can be done with SBuilder.
  • Or you can make completely custom ground polygons with a tool like GMax. This is for sure more work, but gives you more control over the results.