Ground Textures

Howdy folks...I am, perhaps, missing the entire point here. Am I supposed to be able to trace a polygon in Google Earth, and thru the wizardry of FSX-KML, render what I am seeing in Google Earth unto FSX? If so, I am at a complete loss as to how to accomplish this. I have traced a poly, clamped it to the ground , tagged it LANDCLASS_Grass, hit the build button and was told that it couldn't find the .tif. So I re-tagged it as LANDCLASSPOLY_GRASS. This time it didn't complain, and a CVX file was produced in my addon scenery\scenery folder. However, when I went into FSX, the poly was nowhere to be seen. As I said, either I am totally missing the point, of I am doing something very wrong. Also, (and I sorry about this 'cause I know this isn't the right forum) is there any way to rotate the display in SBuilderX? I ask because I can get some wonderful ground textures, but with the limitations of drawing the square, I get TOO much ground texture